My Best Buddies

Hey! Let me introduce you to my best buddies. I'm a friendly guy; naturally I do have many friends with whom I occasionally drive out and share yummy dishes. But some friends are really special and occupy a big part of my heart. A lot of people walk in and out of my life each day. But these people are the ones I've ever really wanted to stick around. Hanging around with them is an awesome experience. Apart from Rex II, my German Shepherd Dog(son of Rex I), these are my best buddies. I wish them all a wonderful life ahead.

John (Birthday: August 2) -
My friend since my days at Alexander-Smith Academy. He’s a sportsman, in every sense of the term. He plays baseball and is an expert pitcher. He lives life on the edge. His love for speed matches mine and when, we often have a race – on bikes or cars. Things have spun out of control on a couple of occasions but we do not read too much into those stray incidents. On the baseball pitch, he’s a menace for the batters and a significant reason why his team never crashed out in the nascent rounds.

Matt (Birthday: July 7) - My co-waiter. We used to wait tables at Azul’s Cuisine. Now he’s a senior head waiter in a hotel and I work in the same restaurant as a senior staff supervisor. He’s learned life the hard way and is extremely wise in the ways of the world. But he’s not a cynic as most people tend to be when they have to struggle to be economically prosperous. He’s a go-getter sort of guy with a devil-may-care attitude. This is what I like about him. He comes to my place when both of us have free time and we zoom off to have a nice time partying. He’s a chick magnet and loves all the attention. Sometimes he drinks too much and gets into trouble with the bouncers.

Uncle Fred (Birthday: May 18)8) - He’s the old fellow, who brings Elsa to Henry Reeves Park. He’s a man full of will power and vitality. He gets bogged down by arthritic pain sometimes but he always has a smile on his face. He’s like the Santa all children love to have as grandpa. Whenever I feel the bitterness of the big, bad world getting into me, Uncle Fred always comes up with these simple, yet inspiring words that puts me back on track. We generally meet on weekends and exchange tips on dog-training. Only last week we were talking about ways to teach dogs to bark on command. He’s got truck-loads of experience and knowledge on dog-training and I try to pick up as much as I can from him. I look forward to learning something new every time we meet.

Rachel (Birthday: December 8)8) - My friend. I met her while working as staff supervisor at Azul’s Cuisine. She came up to me to praise the food and service. I was touched and charmed by her knowledge of food, a passion that I share with her. She knows some amazing recipes, though she is not a trained cook. She has a natural talent for cooking, something which cannot be acquired by learning. What I really like about her is that she is upright, straight-forward and honest. We spend hours sharing knowledge about food during the weekends. I have always got her full attention whenever I talk about ways of making wines.

Christine (Birthday: April 23) - Another friend. I met her at the Miami Seaquarium. I still remember last year’s April 15. I visited the Seaquarium and my vision caught hold of a thin, young gal, staring at the dolphins, lost in thought. I walked up to her and asked, “Wanna take them as pets? Thinking about the laws?” She gave the best smile ever. Now we meet a lot, at Miami Seaquarium, at cafes, clubs etc. She’s a fun loving lady. She may hit the floor hard in chic clothes; she can also turn up in a simple jeans & t-shirt and look equally riveting.


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