Birthday Gift Ideas For Sport Lovers

So Christine's birthday bash turned out really great at South Beach. We had all the fun that we could have on that day. I wish I could have taken Rex with me but he's still not fully cured... he is much better. Anyways, there's always the next time. Guess what? John is coming for a visit after such a long time. the last time I saw him was in August, 2006 when I went to visit my parents in Houston. August 2nd is his birthday and I was fortunate to be there with him on the day but not with a gift. He is coming to my place the next week and I'm planning another drive along with my peeps, John, Rex, and Christine (obviously) to South Beach once again. Rex will be completely healthy by then, I hope.

I am also planning to buy a gift for him, because I couldn't give him anything on his birthday when I met him last. What would be the right pick for a sports fanatic like John? He's been such a good friend of mine since my days at BMS. It reminds me of the days when we used to play baseball together. His love for speed used to match with mine and we often raced bikes.

This time, I've decided to go ahead without Uncle Fred's help. John leads a fast life... he always loves speed. He's not a guy to sit quietly on the couch and listen to Bach or some soul-searching hipster chick. I don't want to slow him down, either. I'm planning to buy an iPod for John. He will surely enjoy tunes on move! Is there any better way to put rhythm to speed? I'm looking for really good birthday gift ideas for a sports lover like John.

This time I going to arrange things in a bit different way. I remember I received an invitation ecard from one of my friends for his birthday party. It was really amazing. I'm going to use it to invite my friends for the get together. Let's see how it works! Here's the invitation that I got a week ago. Send this to call over your pals for your next dinner party. I'm sure they are going to love the way you've invited them.

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Rachel's Cherry Cheesecake Recipe

I'm sure some of you are waiting for Rachel's Cherry Cheesecake recipe. I met Rachel this weekend at her place as usual to share some knowledge on food. She knows some really amazing recipes and I'm a great foodie -- she knows this. She gave me the recipe. It is one of the simplest cake recipes I've ever tried. I will surely try this out. Believe me, with this birthday cake recipe, you can impress the guests at your next birthday party, too.

Here's what you will require:

  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 24 ounces softened cream cheese
  • 16 ounces cherry pie filling
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 cup graham cracker crumbs
  • 1/4 cup melted butter (you can try it out with margarine instead of butter, if you want.)

Here's how she made it:

Step 1: She combined the crumbs, sugar, and butter; pressed onto the bottom of 9-inch springform pan.
Step 2: She baked the mixture at 350 degree F, for 10 minutes.
Step 3: Cream cheese, sugar and vanilla were then combined together and were mixed up at a medium speed on electric mixer until they blended well.
Step 4: Then she added the eggs, one at a time, mixed it well after each addition.
Step 5: The mixture was then baked at 450 degree F, for 10 minutes.
Step 6: She reduced the temperature to 250 degree F and continued baking for another half an hour.
Step 7: The cake was carefully taken out of the pan.
Step 8: After it cooled down, she spreaded the cherry pie filling over cheesecake and then packed it carefully.

It only took her a couple of hours to get the cake ready for the packing. It's really a yummy recipe, the most delicious recipe of the day. She made the cake to serve 12, although we were 8. She knows me very well... so she counted me thrice.

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Christine's Birthday Party At South Beach

We set out for South Beach at about 8:45 in the morning. My Ford and Sam's convertible were ready to go. We planned to stop at Azul's Cuisine, where I work... just to pick some snacks and drinks. I couldn't help ordering the 'Rainbow of Oysters', which is one of the best dishes at Azul's. The breathtaking view of Biscayne Bay from inside the restaurant made it feel really different from other days... probably because we were in a party mood. We followed the Bay Road and reached there by around 9:30 or so.

This was the first time for me to party at South Beach. As we sat in one of the sidewalk cafes along Ocean Drive, I was looking out at some of the sexiest people in the world with the turquoise ocean in the background. I couldn't help but realize that this is the best place in the world for such a party. People seemed to be too busy soaking in the tranquil beach scene and this is probably a reason why everything was running a little late for us in South Beach. 24 hours of crazy musical fusion keeps the restaurants and cafes bustling with rhythm. Naturally, Cuban-American is most popular... I found.

We had some really yummy yet simple dishes... Good food was everywhere, but a little expensive. A simple lunch including seafood ran us around $50 each. It was really beyond our expectation. However it was really an enjoyable moment and Christine seemed so happy to be with us away from the hectic hustle of life. A surprise was still waiting for us -- especially Christine. Rachel rushed into the car and took out her birthday gift. Christine tried to guess what it could be. She guessed it to be another Dolphin pod... probably, and opened it with another shriek of surprise. It was a Cherry Cheesecake. Yes, April 23rd was Cherry Cheesecake Day and there couldn't have been any other better way to celebrate the day than this. It was a twin celebration for us at South Beach and I will never forget it, nobody can, I hope.
I'm really interested to share the recipe with you. I know some of your are eager to know how to make the cake. I will be meeting Rachel again and I'm going to take that from her. Stay tuned...

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My Birthday Gift For Christine

Ahh! It's was a grand party and the fun was in full swing. There's nothing better I could have enjoyed better than this -- amidst the craziness of South Beach. I'm not sure what I should start off with. I was the first one to step in to Christine's place with my gift -- as I'd hoped to be. A million thanks to my Ford! On the way I bought some red roses, too, for her -- not the full bloomed ones, rosebuds. I reached her place by 7:00 in the morning, hoping to surprise Christine. She opened the door wondering who would be at her doorstep so early in the morning. She burst out with joy, held my hand and pulled me in. I extended to her the bunch of rose buds, but she knew that was not the only gift... her surprise was still waiting for her. She smiled and asked me "What are you hiding Mike? Show me what else you have for me..." That wasn't the smile I was looking for on her face. I couldn't tell her that. I gave her the box wrapped in a gorgeous paper and sang "happy Birthday" to her. This was the first time in my life I wished I could sing like John Lennon. I usually prefer rock.

I saw a different smile on her face as I gave her the box. This wasn't that smile either! She unpacked it and cried out with utter joy as she found the bronze-finished pod of playful dolphins leaping through the crests of waves. She cried "Wow! This is amazing... this is so beeeaaautiful, Mike". She smiled and said, "You know Mike, I still want to have them as pets". I was sure my gift would remind her of our first meeting at the Miami seaquarium on September 15. She really liked her birthday gift. I could see the happiness and joy on her face as she was setting it on top of her piano, although she was silent. It was really a memorable moment in my life and for Christine too... I hope. A sudden screeching sound of car brakes broke the silence. It was almost 8:30. Tim, Rachel, Sam, Susan, Ron and Fiona rushed inside and our party literally started. I'm sure you want to know about Rachel's special recipe for Christine's birthday party. Just stay tuned to know about it. She didn't let us open it until we reached South Beach.

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Christine's Birthday Party at South Beach

Hi friends! The wait is over. Today's Christine's birthday and I'm ready with her birthday gift. It's still not the time to reveal what I have for her. But I'm sure she will be delighted with surprise as soon as she would get it. My gift will surely reminded her of our first meeting, when she was staring at the dolphins at Miami Seaquarium, lost in thought. She was probably thinking of having one as a pet. I am just waiting for the moment to come when I will be at her doorstep with the gift. I'm really longing to see her bursting out with surprise with my gift in her hand. I am also eager to know what Rachel is bringing for her. She's supposed to create a special birthday recipe for Christine.

I need to freak out for the party as soon as possible; I want to be the first one to knock her door and shower her with all my good wishes this special day. There's another reason why I'm in hurry. We are going to drive out to South Beach. A party with the energy and dynamics of South Beach is going to be full of enthusiasm and that's what we are looking for.

I gotta go now... just stay tuned to know how Christine's birthday bash turns out.

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My Gift To Christine On Her Birthday

Since the day we met at the Miami Seaquarium, I have been looking for an opportunity to give Christine a gift -- a token of friendship. I was not getting the right opportunity. This time I decided not to discuss this with Uncle Fred. I want to give her something that she might haven't even imagined. Definitely, I would keep in mind Fred's tips on how to pick the right gift.

Christine is a fun loving gal, into disco and hard partying. But behind the sporty and fun loving exterior, she has a warm, feminine heart too. I'm planning to get her something on her birthday to get back something from her. Yes, the best smile ever that she gave me the first day we met... September 15th, when I gave her the proposal of keeping dolphins as pets. Christine is a regular reader of my posts and I want to keep this gift idea a surprise for her. I'll write about it as soon as the party is over. You can try it out for your special friend or someone who thinks of you when you are away. Stay in touch to know about my gift. I hope Christine will love it.

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Birthday Party Favor Ideas - Nautical Party Favors

I wonder how Uncle Fred stays so young at heart! Christine's birthday celebration is still at the planning stage, although it is almost around the corner. She is looking for some birthday favor ideas for her guests. This gray haired gentleman, Fred, is a one-stop solution for all gift and favor ideas.

I just went out to the park alone today to meet Uncle Fred. I did not take Rex -- he is not well. I wanted to talk to him about the birthday favor ideas. "Give out Gob Hats or Captain’s Hats to the guests as soon as they arrive," he said. It was a great idea but I liked the second option even better. He suggested giving the guests something to treasure – a Seashell Gel Candle favor. This would be a really nice nautical birthday party favor to give out to Christine's guests so they can remember the party fun long after it is over. The flickering flame of the candle would remind them of Christine's birthday bash even months after the party... I'm sure. Christine's birthday is on April 23rd and we are really looking for more ideas on birthday party favors. I would be glad to post your comments with more ideas on nautical birthday party favors.

Rachel is creating a special birthday recipe. She’s made some amazing meals, even though she is not a trained cook. She is going to surprise Christine with her special birthday recipe. She wants to keep it a secret. Even I am not allowed to know anything about it before April 23rd. As soon as the party is over, you will also come to know about it here. Believe me, with her recipe you can impress the guests at your next dinner party, too. Stay tuned for my next post!

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Birthday Party Idea -- A Birthday Party on Sea

I am lucky to have guys like Uncle Fred and Matt around me. Matt is go-getter sort of guy with a devil-may-care attitude. But sometimes I can find an artist hidden within him. He is the one in my gang who always comes up with wonderful party ideas. If you are planning a birthday party for your son or daughter or maybe your friend's birthday party, Matt is the right person to discuss it with. I am sure your birthday party is going to rock if you take Uncle Fred's suggestion when it comes to birthday party favors and Matt's advice for birthday party ideas.

Here's what Matt suggested to help Christine in planning her birthday party on April 23rd. What’s special about Christine's birthday is that it's on Cherry Cheesecake Day and she has a special cherry cheesecake for her guests each year. This time, I'm sure it will be a real blast again with a special yummy cake. But Matt tends to emphasize more on party and less on food and recipe. This time he has a birthday party idea -- away from home. He named it “Alfresco Birthday Party”. I called it a 'floating party'. He wants a party on boat. It's a great idea indeed but it's not so easy to rent a boat anytime we want. There's no better way to make your life stress-free at least for a day than a relaxing day on the water, especially since it's Stress Awareness month. April 23rd is going to be a really fun-filled day for us. Stay tuned to know how the birthday bash turns out.

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Birthday Gifts Ideas - How To Pick the Right Birthday Gift

Not only I get stuck for the gift ideas when it comes to Christmas gifts but also every time there's a birthday. I faced the same problem when it was my father's birthday and same again when it was Nick's just the last weekend. My zillions of thanks are due to Uncles Fred, who helped me out of this crunch as I was looking for some great birthday gift ideas for Tim's birthday the next month.

While we were having stroll at Henry Reeves park with my Rex and Uncle's Elsa, we were talking about the strike friends with surprising delight on their birthday. Here comes the topic of birthday gifts and I got a chance to talk to him about birthday gift ideas for Tim.

"What kind of a guy Tim is?", was his first question. Let me tell you that Tim a guy who love freaking out with his gang for drive. He would first start off his journey and then would decide where to go and what to do! He loves biking. He loves music... he prefers hard rock obviously. Los Angeles is where he wants to settle in future

Uncle Fred suggested me to buy him the DVD of "Rock Star". I watched the movie once the last year. It was a nice movie that was shot entirely in and around Los Angeles -- Tim's dream land. It was inspired by the real life story of Tim 'Ripper' Owen, who was a singer in a Judas Priest tribute band. The movie actually sketches the life of a heavy metal band of 80's, with the groupies, drugs, rock and roll and highs and lows of their fame.

Now I'm sure Tim would love the gifts. I now understand why would he love that. So the tips that I got from Uncle Fred is that while choosing a gift for someone , it is important to delve deep into the persons character and nature. And what better way can you reach out to your far away friends on their birthdays than by sending them your thoughts with some thoughtful Birthday ecards?

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Leonardo da Vinci Birthday Wishes - Birthday Comments

Hi friends! If it is your birthday today, then you have a reason to celebrate and a reason to despair! First let me talk about the reason to celebrate. Its Fast Food Day - a day to eat ravenously and indulge yourself in all that junk food you have been avoiding to cut down the calories. Just forget the dietitian's chart and gorge on anything you want to have. It will also help you feel good on the day when you feel the most important - your birthday!

The reason to despair is that it is Tax Day! I'm sure you have been waiting for the filing deadline! So great cracking before the authorities do so! Though the day occasionally falls on Patriot's Day, this time it is not so. People having birthdays on the day, well, my sympathies with you, but don't cut down on the birthday expenditures!

If you are born on this date, you share your birthday with Leonardo da Vinci. you also share your birthday with Mr. Wilson - my next-door neighbor. I'm longing to sing Happy Birthday to you for sixty years old young guy.

Click on these wonderful birthday cards which are specially made to commemorate da Vinci's birthday as well was your friend's...

Smile Of Yours... A cute e-wish for all your friends/family/loved ones.

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Happy Birthday Comments - Birthday Zodiac

Hi friends! While surfing, I came across some cool Zodiac Birthday cards. That set me thinking. Zodiac signs have a lot of influence on our lives and personal traits. People born in the period of March 21 to April 21 are under the Aries sign, the first sign of the zodiac.
Arians have the following characteristics: pioneering and courageous; dynamic and quick-witted; enthusiastic and confident; adventurous and energetic: but on the negative side, they are impulsive and impatient; foolhardy and daredevil; selfish and quick-tempered.
They like action, coming in first, challenges, championing causes and spontaneity. They hate admitting failure, no opposition, waiting around, other peoples advice and tyranny.
Send across zodiac birthday ecards and wish your friends and family your heartfelt birthday wishes.

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Celebrate Birthday On April Fools Day

Birthday has always been the most special day in your life and it really assumes an extra flavor if it falls on a special day like April Fools Day. Yes, it is the day in the calendar when you can fool people around and don't mind being fooled by others. It's all about fun! And birthday celebration is all about fun too! If your birthday falls on April Fools Day, I suggest you not to postpone your birthday celebration fearing that no one will come. If they really know that your birthday is on April 1, just don't worry. I'm sure you can have a perfect blast.

Check out these cool Birthday ecards and try out to wish your friends and acquaintances to wish Happy Birthday. Or if you want to pull some April Fools pranks on him or her just be at it!

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