Pablo's Birthday party on New Year's Eve

Juan and Pablo, the two strange guys had won over my heart on Thanksgiving 2006. Yes, they came a long way from Spain to visit their relative and I couldn't understand how slowly yet deeply we became friends -- better to say "GOOD FRIENDS". My gang and I had a real blast on Thanksgiving 2006 with these two Hispanic guys. Days passed by since then we didn't have even a telephonic conversation. And this the time we all are missing Juan and Pablo.

Would you call this to be a power of friendship or the call of the souls? Right when I was deeply in the thoughts of those golden moments that we spend together with Juan and Pablo, my phone buzzed all on a sudden. I was really struck with great surprise to hear Pablo's voice on the other end. He wanted me to share the special moments with him on his birthday on the New Year's eve.

It was really an awkward situation for me although I have always wanted to go the Juan's place and have a break for a couple of weeks. But flying off to Spain at this moment is really tough for me as I'm not financially strong enough to bear such a big expense. It's going to be a perfect blast in the New Year birthday party of Pablo and it's hard to miss it also. All I need to do is to make him understand my condition. Probably wishing him Happy New Year is the first step to melt the ice. Wish him a Happy Birthday may be the second step. I'm really worried if this would work at all!

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A Cute Bunch Of Birthday Flowers Say It The Best

When you can't express your feelings and thoughts to someone very special on his or her birthday, leave it one some cute daisies. Flowers say it the best, when the words of your heart is exhausted. If you are looking for a perfect gift for your loved one on his or her and not finding the right one to make him or her feel special on the birthday, get a bouquet of fresh flowers. That way, I'm sure you can add a special touch to the birthday celebration.

"Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time." -- Bell Catherine. So if you are invited in a birthday party this New Year eve, walk in with a bunch of New Year flowers.

Christmas Floral Gift

Hey! How's your Christmas preparation? I'm sure you are ready with everything to create a perfect blast if you are throwing a Christmas birthday party. Just a few more hours to hit the Christmas eve and to play the Christmas carols loud to scale up the spirit of Christmas. whether the birthday the celebrated on Christmas or New Year, the flowers are the best gifts to hold true spirit of the festive.

If you are invited on a Christmas birthday party, you can step into the party floor with a gorgeous bouquet of Christmas flowers. I'm sure you can create a magic spell on the birthday boy or girl.

Last Minute Tips on Christmas Birthday Gifts

Hi Friends! I can already smell the kitchen smell. And the world have already been adorned with dazzling shades of Christmas lights. If you are invited in a Christmas birthday party and have not yet come up with a right Christmas birthday gift, you are already late. Don't get confused it's not all that nerve-racking buying a perfect birthday gift in this 11th hour. Just use your creative side to come up with some Christmas gifts ideas during this final moment.

Online Shopping will save a lot of time and you can get almost anything online. All you need to do is to confirm whether they are giving shipping facility. Check out for the online stores that can provide you with guaranteed shipping facility on time.

Birthday Flowers
is always the cutest way to reach out to your friend and delight him or her on the special day. It's nice to be important by coming up with an expensive birthday gift but it's more important to be nice by reaching out to your friend with special birthday gifts like flowers. Remember that flowers can deliver a million dollar thought. Since it's celebrated on Christmas, a bunch of Christmas flowers can put special touch to the birthday celebration. Gifts are more about sentiment than the price tag.

Christmas Gift Basket
Christmas gift basket is the easiest gift and a real fun too to reach out to your friend on his or her birthday -- especially when it's celebrated on Christmas. This will hold the true spirit of Christmas too.

Fireworks on Christmas Birthday

Fireworks to celebrate the Christmas birthday party? Oh, just wonderful! What better way to celebrate the Christmas birthday than to celebrate it with some gorgeous fireworks on the Christmas eve? Fireworks hold the true spirit of Christmas and add some special fun to the spirit of festive. Whether it's a New Year Birthday celebration or a birthday celebration on Christmas. it's really a great idea to make your birthday a perfect blast with the firework theme celebration. You can start off with sending New Year fireworks invitations to your friends if you are planning for a small firework show on your birthday celebration this New Year.

Be it this Christmas or New Year, the precautionary measures are all the same, irrespective of occasion and event. Check out the guidelines for handling fireworks safely.
  • There's always a set of local law regarding fireworks. Observe it carefully and follow the direction as laid down by the legal statute.
  • Use of certain fireworks are prohibited. Use only the approved ones. So you must know which are legalized by the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • Don't let the kids handle the fireworks. Better to keep the kids away from the range.
  • Make sure that you are using the block fireworks only, so that they won't tip over when kindled.
  • Don't play with fireworks by throwing them towards your friends.
  • Don't forget to give a prior notice to the local fire station about the firework show, mentioning date and time.

Christmas Birthday Party Ideas

There are over thousand birthday party ideas that you can find over the net. Have yu ever thought of a Christmas birthday party idea? Party ideas usually start with invitation. And when it comes to the Christmas birthday, it's a real fun to plan for an elegant Christmas Birthday Party Invitation. If you are among those smart people who postpone their birthday party and launch it on the Christmas eve, you are probably looking for some great Christmas birthday party ideas. Whether you want to make Christmas a theme for your birthday party or you just want to enjoy the spirit of Christmas on your birthday party, your birthday party should hold the true essence of the festivities.

Christmas Decorating ideas
So start off with Christmas decorating ideas. Christmas trees (real or artificial) is the first thing that strikes my mind, when it comes to Christmas decoration. A beautifully Christmas tree, decorated with Christmas balls and Christmas bells would give your Christmas party floor a distinctive look with real special touch. You can find your guests having fun rocking around the Christmas tree. Christmas flowers, Christmas figurines and Christmas wreaths and garlands are some of the MUST HAVE components of Christmas decorations.

Christmas Recipe For Christmas birthday Party
Special Christmas recipes are bound to surprise your birthday party guests with wonder. whether its a Frozen Christmas Salad or Christmas Cake Recipes For Christmas Birthday Party or something else the birthday recipe should hold true spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Music For The Birthday Party
Let your guests be in a festive mood. Christmas music is the best way to make them rock on your birthday. Starting from the oldies to the most contemporary Christmas songs, you can find loads of Christmas music freely available over the net. Play them and enjoy the fun of seeing your guests rocking around the Christmas tree.

Christmas Fireworks
If you want to have more fun and if your budget permits you can also arrange for brief Christmas firework show at your front yard -- obviously with the ones that are legalized by the federal law. Play safe with fireworks.

Birthday Favors on Christmas eve
The most aesthetic birthday favor that you can give to a guest is a real big
Christmas hug and a Merry Christmas Wish. You can come up with miniature Christmas trees that your guests would love to take to home as a keepsake. Personalized Christmas keyring, hand knitted mobile pouch or a cute Christmas basket may be a real blast on the Christmas eve.

These are simple guidelines for you to launch a Christmas birthday party. Let the artist within you come up with some more ideas to make your Christmas birthday party a perfect blast.

Britney Spears 26th Birthday Celebration

Did you know that Britney Spear turned 26 on 2nd December -- the Saturday Night? Britney celebrated her 26th birthday at Scandinavia, where Paris Hilton and Sharon Stone were present to share the beautiful moment with Britney . She had a real great surprise for her best friend Paris Hilton. Britney was really sick of Paris mocking and behaving rudely with her friends. The "gimme More" singer (Britney), who fell out with Paris at her 26th birthday party celebrations on 2nd December 2007, is reportedly to reveal Paris's X-rated tape. This is really a bad news -- a breach in friendship, when the spirit of Christmas is almost at the peak.

Christmas and New Year Songs

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And days of auld lang syne?

For auld lang syne,my dear
For auld lang syne
We’ll take a cup of kindness yet
For auld lang syne

The spirit of Christmas is at the peak. As it's approaching nearer and nearer, the fragrance of the Christmas cakes are becoming more and more intense. New Year is also peeping through the new horizon. I'm really eager to know whether you guys have already started off with the New Year planning along side the Christmas preparation? I'm just busy in collection some festive songs that can be played to guests waltz around in both Christmas party and New Year party. So in a way I've started on with New Year. some of the songs that I have assorted are:


What better way can you make your guests rock in your christmas birthday party or New Year birthday party? I am looking for some more New Year songs. Please let me know if you have any.

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Birthday

Christmas is the time when we show our heartfelt love and passion to our dear and near ones. When it comes to their birthday during Christmas, it really becomes the most important time for us, as we start looking for some great gift ideas to surprise them with wonder. Doesn't matter whether you're looking for simply a Christmas gift or a Christmas birthday gift, you gift should reflect the true spirit of Christmas because it's Christmas!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriend on her birthday
The first thing that strikes my mind is LOVE, as the Christmas gift. What better gift can you reach out to her on her Christmas birthday than this? Just wrap a bouquet of red roses with your love and reach out to her on her birthday on Christmas. Jewelry is something that women are quite fond of. you can come up with something that suites the aura of her personality. Personalized wooden frame may be another really romantic option to brighten up your girlfriend on her birthday on Christmas.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend on Christmas
Love again, as the Christmas gift!!! Shower of gifts in this love-filled holiday season is like showering your dear ones with love and passion. A wrist watch would be a best option if he is fond of watches. I can say for sure that this is something that would make good impression. A leather wallet really looks trendy and your boyfriend will love to keep it in his pocket wherever he goes. You can start knitting an elegant cell phone pouch for him. A silver bottle opener would be another great idea .

Christmas Birthday Gifts Ideas for Friends
It doesn't always need to be expensive when it come to gift for someone close to your heart. Sometimes simple and cute gifts can make a lot of sense and make your friends feel really special. Yellow is the color of friendship. So reach out to him or her with a cute little bouquet of vibrant yellow roses. You can add some sweet taste to your friendship by giving him or her a bottle of Smucker's jam. If your friend is a real football buff, reach out to him with an elegant Christmas jersey and he would remember your loving friendship whenever he would kick the final goal to break the ties. An artificial Christmas tree centerpiece is a perfect gift for a friend on Christmas, that he or she would love to treasure it as a valuable keepsake.

Christmas Recipe : Frozen Christmas Salad

Christmas Surprise CommentsI know that you are looking for some special recipe for your lunch on your Christmas birthday. If you are calling your friends for a dinner on Christmas birthday, your lunch should also have something special. You can have yourself a really cool and easy-to-make little Christmas cook-off. Doesn't matter whatever you're going to have in lunch but it always a good idea to go for something light. But who doesn't want to have a special jerk in the menu? How about Frozen Christmas Salad? This is again something that I got while surfing the net last weekend. I tasted it and it's really cool! so now check out how to make and what do you need to make it...

Cool Whip -- 1 Large container
Sweetened condensed milk -- 1 can
Cherry pie filling -- 1 can
Crushed Pineapple (drained) -- 1 can
Miniature marshmallows -- 1 1/2 cups

Mix up all the ingredients well. Place the mixture in a pan and put it in the refrigerator freeze. take it out ans let it stay for sometime before the lunch. It's a real family favorite during the Christmastime, since this holds the true spirit of Christmas.

Snow Mountain Pudding For Christmas Birthday Party

Come on in and sit by the fire with me, friends! I'm going to talk about a special recipe that can delight your guests with wonder, as it would give them an opportunity to real birthday blast on Christmas. Ok, it doesn't really matter whether you call it a birthday blast on Christmas or a Christmas blast on birthday, but it's going to be a perfect birthday party on Christmas.

This is something that I found on Cadbury's official site and I tasted it . And believe me, I could just wow my guests with this yummy Snow Mountain Pudding. This delicious rich chocolate pudding is prefect for the Christmas birthday party.

  • Cadbury Bournville chocolate -- 200 g bar
  • Brandy -- 4 Tbs
  • Sponge Cake -- 250 g.
  • Caster Sugar -- 4 tbs
  • Eggs -- 2
  • Double Cream -- 450 ml
  • Single Cream -- 4tbs
And a 1.5l basin


Step 1:
Warm the chocolate between your hands for some time and cut off the curls. Set it aside in a cool place.
Step 2: Break off the remaining chocolates in to pieces. Melt the chocolate pieces with brandy.
Step 3: S
plit all the sponge cakess neatly into halves.
Step 4:
Use some them to line the basin, with the cut sides of the sponges towards the outer part.
Step 5: Cut off the remaining pieces of cake to fit the gaps. Make sure that the basin is completely lined.
Step 6: Whisk the egg yolks and the caster sugar together very well along with half of the double cream.
Step 7: Fold the egg yolk mixture in the melted chocolate that's cooled by now.
Step 8:
Cover the cakes at the base of the bowl with the mixture. Arrange a layer of cake on top, until all the ingredients are used up in layering.
Step 9: Cover the bowl and leave it for 12 hours.
Step 10: Turn the pudding onto a serving plate. Whip the remaining cream and spread it over the pudding before you serve.

This serves 6
Hi friends! I simply can't imagine that Christmas is just 19 more sleeps away. So with Christmas almost around the corner, I can sense the smell of Christmas cakes and cookies in the air all around. How's it going at your end?

I remember Rachell celebrated his 25th birthday on 25th December last year. It was a really a perfect blast! Although actually his birthday's on 15th, he postponed it for ten more days. If your birthday is right at the threshold, just wait... Send the Christmas Invitations to your friends and loved ones and tell them that you're going to throw a grand birthday party on Christmas. I'm sure they will be amazed to get this news.

Christmas Birthday Invitation
You can really scale up the spirit of Christmas even with the easiest birthday party ever to planned. All you need to do is to chalk out a plan ahead of time. Start off with invitation.

Either you can create your own invitation cards or you can reach out to your guests with the birthday invitation ecards, your invitation must give the true essence of birthday as well as Christmas. Rachell's invitation was really admired. He sent the Christmas invitation online personalizing it with the birthday invitation message. This was really one of the good ideas for invitation, especially for Christmas birthday party.

Invitation Wordings
Birthday invitation wording idea doesn't include verses all the time. They may include instructions on the dress codes and things to be brought to enhance the spirit of the party. Doesn't really matter if you want to put rhythm to your invitation with some good verses and poems but make sure that the wordings must capture feelings of your special day. Check out Verseit to get some good samples of the birthday invitation wordings. You can use those and add some extra words to bring out the feel of the spirit of Christmas.

MySpace Christmas Countdown Comments

Hey! I just dropped by to wish you a Happy Christmas Parade of Light. What can be more enjoyable than having a bit early start on your Christmas? I've already started off with the Christmas decorations for my blogs.

Check out this beautiful Christmas tree that is also a cool Christmas countdown widget. Have fun!!!

Celebrating 18th birthday With Cinderella Theme

If you are going to be 18 years old, I know that you're planning for a grand birthday party. If your budget is not that much of a constraint, you can go for a Cinderella birthday party theme. It's a perfect way to celebrate because you are going to step into a special phase of life. The world should now know how beautiful you are. Make sure that you are going to be wished with lots of wonderful birthday wishes by inviting lots of people. You can even tell them the party theme and have them dressed up as different characters from Cinderella - you can have a costume ball!

Get yourself prepared with some of the specialized costumes for your birthday. The sooner you plan the better, because you should have enough time on your hand to search for the right birthday party favors for yourself. Get your birthday decorations according to the theme.

Dress: You should dress yourself up as Cinderella in a beautiful white gown with a long trail, septer, gloves, crown and obviously a classy pair of shoes. Don't forget about the Cinderella tiara and jewelry.

Horse: If you want to be extravagant you can rent a white horse and carriage – with a driver so your friends can ride around. This would be great to photograph and preserve the memories.

Birthday Party Decoration: Decorate the house in pastel white and pink. Colored papers, streamers and balloons will give an aesthetic touch to your decoration. Place them anywhere that strike your fancy. Choice of colors is very important out here. For Cinderella themed decoration use colors like white, light pink, faint blue, lavender and faded cream. Try having Cinderella table cloths with matching napkins, plates and centerpiece decors.

The decorations should make your little guests feel that they have walked into a real fairy tale world.

Birthday Invitation : The mode of invitation should be in accordance to the party theme. Try sending invitation a couple of weeks before the party. Buy some Invitation cards that should be of any of the Cinderella colors. Chose a perfect font like the Old English font and write the invitation like royal invites.

The King wishes to invite you on Princess ---- 18th Birthday party.
Place: ...........
Date : ......; Time: .......

Birthday Cake: Order a castle cake. A regular birthday cake may not be appropriate for the Cinderella themed party so have more fun with a cake that looks like a castle!

Cinderella's Ball: Don't forget the Cinderella ball. A Cinderella party is worth meaningless without a royal Cinderella ball! Play the soundtrack from Cinderella and waltzes so that your guests can enjoy waltzing around. They must freeze on hearing the chime of the clock when it strikes 12!

Cinderella Party Favor: This is again very important. You can strike your special guests with sudden surprise by giving them cute Cinderella favor as a token of your gratitude for their presence on your very special day. You can fill up the cute little pink organza with gourmet cookies and some chocolates. A pink rose with that would just be a real blast.

Tips on taking great pictures at kids birthday party

I was at Dave's place last weekend and enjoyed a good amount of time talking about things here and there and playing chess. I have no clue how to play chess, I just move the pieces. While playing, I got to know from Dave, who's a good photographer, how to photograph kids at birthday parties. I didn't know there was so much to it!

I'm sharing with you what Dave shared with me:

1)Kid's Perspective -- Don't be intimidated by the camera. Even if you just know how to click a button it's good enough. All you need is to have a camera - digital cameras are of course the easiest. You don't need to be a technical expert. The most important thing is to get the child's perspective. Get down low while taking the snap of the children, so that the lens is at the level of the subjects - in this case kids. It would be the biggest mistake if you take shots standing. You can show the point of view of kids this way.

2)Shooting Angles – It's a good idea to take the snaps from different shooting angles in a mix and match basis. Just stand up on a table and take a snap for the whole group partying. The next shot can be a close up – getting down, looking up the kids closely.

3)Illumination – If the party is indoor, make sure you have enough lights. It's needed to get perfect result. If your camera has white balance, make sure you set that up before shooting. This applies to digital cameras and the colors should come out fine. Consult your camera's manual for this. Dave is really good with lights. He says that artificial lights usually leave your shots with undesirable tinges like florescent lights will give a green tinge. So the trick is all about setting the White Balance Controller properly.

4)Party Details-- Don't shoot in unplanned way. Focus on the party details. Some of the shots are best taken before the guests arrive, for instance the shot of the cake, decoration, party table and the birthday kid with his/her mom. You can capture all of the important moments by knowing how it is planned to run. So planning the party is really important.

5)Shooting Before and After Party: It is really amazing to see how a silent room turned into bustling a party hall with kids partying and dancing and again turned into a silent room with things scattered here and there. You can create a short story with your lens.

If you're planning to invite guests over, you can use these beautiful birthday invitation ecards so you have some guests ready to be shot! (No pun intended.) Make sure you have your camera ready with lots of film if you're using a film camera or batteries charged and memory sticks ready. It's easier to delete photos than not having enough space to capture all the beautiful moments.
Kids Birthday Codes

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Wishing Happy Birthday To Mandy Bruno – September 20th

Are you a fan of Mandy Bruno ? I have a great news for you. September 20th is Mandy's birthday. Yes, I'm going to wish her on her birthday but I don't know how yet. A lot of ideas are in my head right now and sending a cute ecard is one of them.

What do you think of that? Guess how I became a mad fan of hers? It's not because of her figure, it's because my mom used to watch Guiding Light a lot and I really liked how she played Marina Cooper in there.

Anyway, I'll be sending her a cute birthday ecard and I've already chosen it because Mandy's birthday is just close at the hand. Ok now, if any one out there like me, planning to wish her on her 26th birthday, I would like you to share your ideas with me. Just be ready - lets wish her together.

Milestone Birthday Celebration -- 30th Birthday

Birthdays are always special and that is why birthdays are being celebrated in almost every sections of the society -- from the elite class to the general middle class section. While the celebrities celebrate their birthdays with the galore of glory, the general mass has to stay within their affordable range. But whatever the way of celebration may it be, milestone birthdays are always extra special -- especially when it comes to 30th birthday. Yes, because the adult milestone birthday tend to strike at this age for the first time.

So throwing the 30th birthday party and getting special wishes are all special in your life. And its equally delightful to send special wishes to a friend who's throwing a 30th birthday party.

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Birthday Celebration on Labor Day

Ok now, if you are throwing your birthday party on labor day, its really a grand idea. You are probably done with the invitations and have planned for the decorations. What's there in the menu? Anything special? Cake is there -- beyond doubt. And I can say for sure that you have also planned for the BBQ for its also your labor day celebration. And what more??

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Have you ever wondered how amazing will your party be with an exotic dish like Jamaican Jerk Burger? Just try it and see the magic. you can have loads of information over the net.

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Strike your guests with with sudden surprise with the Jamaican Jerk Burger. Celebrate your birthday and the Labor Day with this YUMMY exotic dish. And its really very easy to make it. Here's how ....


* 1 pound ground meat (better combination of turkey and beef 60%,40%)
* 1/2 small orange
* 1 piece peeled ginger(1/2-inch in length)
* 3 fresh jalapeƱo chiles, stemmed and seeded
* 2 peeled cloves garlic
* 2 trimmed green onions
* 2 teaspoons allspice
* 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
* 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
* Nutmeg (little less than 1/4 teaspoon)
* 1/4 teaspoon dried crushed thyme
* 2 teaspoons brown sugar
* 1 teaspoon soy sauce
* 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
* 1 tablespoon dried bread crumbs

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Step 1- Peel of one tablespoon of orange zest from the orange skin.
Step 2- Finely chop the orange zest, ginger, jalapeƱos, garlic and green onions in formed in a food processor to make it a paste.
Step 3- Add the juice from the orange half and the Worcestershire sauce, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, brown sugar and thyme. Mix it well to.
Step 4- Place the bread crumbs and the meat in a mixing bowl and add the the blended mixture and mix it well into the ground meat.
Step5- Shape the mixture into 4 patties and cover and refrigerate for an hour to allow the flavors to blend. The patties will also get to firmed by this time.
Step 6-Form the meat into patties and rub the outer part of the patties with the olive oil and soy sauce.
Step 7- Grill it until the smell comes and the thing turns golden brown.

This serves four. Serve as you would any burger, with condiments, buns and lettuce etc

Birthday Bash On Labor Day

There's really nothing more enjoyable than having your birthday bash on a very special day like Labor Day. And it can be a real magic if it falls on the Labor Day weekend. WOW!! You can have a sheer fun with special birthday BBQ & celebrate both the labor day and your birthday. So strike your guests with wonder on the very special day with special birthday BBQ and wish your special guests Happy Labor Day and get showered with inspirational birthday wishes by them.

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Birthday gifts for him

Whether you and your loved one have been dating for years or for months, he always deserves a wondrous gift on his birthday from you. Well thought out presents would be the most wonderful way to show him how much you think of him. And I am sure that with a real good gift on his birthday, your boyfriend can't resist himself from giving you a million dollar hug in return. And that you can never forget.

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Ok now, here lies some real meaningful birthday gift ideas for him that will keep the flame of your love ever glowing.
  • Aura of Romance: Birthday gift for him doesn't have to expensive always. A cute bouquet of red roses is enough to spread the fragrance of love. Take a little more effort and look for some perfumed candles for him. And the fragrance of your love will be in the air.

  • Cute gift: Glow-in-the-dark wrist band will really be a lovable gift. This will keep the flame of your love ever glowing.

  • Birthday Cake: Make for him a gorgeous birthday cake and you can strike him with wonder on his very special day.

  • Shower him with kisses: This probably the best gift that you can always give him, pealing your heart out to show him your whole hearted affection. And you can show him how special he is for you.

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The other day, when I was having my dinner over looking at the sparkling Biscayne Bay, I found a group of friends gathered on the beach for a friendly birthday get together. It was dark, but the spirits were really high, accentuated by neons of the surrounding, sparkling ocean and not forgetting the dazzling fireworks that they were enjoying on the beach. The merriment was in tune with the glorious fireworks.
Special Birthday Flowers ! A beautiful floral wish for someone close to your heart.
Special Birthday Flowers !
A beautiful floral wish for someone close to your heart.
[ Interactive ]

Birthday Thoughts... A beautiful, warm Birthday card for your loved one when you are not celebrating together.
Birthday Thoughts...
A beautiful, warm Birthday card for your loved one when you are not celebrating together.
[ Postcard

But in the passing of a moment the fun turned into tears and screams. One of the party goers found herself victimized by an accident, she was badly burnt and was taken to the hospital -- Jackson Memorial Hospital probably.

So play safe with fireworks on birthdays and any other occasions. All my good wishes to you if today's your birthday.

Cakes, fun and birthday are inseparable parts, that we cannot deny. But how good will it be if fireworks are introduced in the birthday celebration? Ok, now I cannot resist my temptation to show you something wondrous that adorned the dark sky with colors and blaze flashes. Scarlett's Birthday Miami this year was celebrated in a very different way at the Dolfin Stadium.

Freak out to your near and dear ones with sparkling birthday wishes on their birthdays.

Celebrating You ! A warm, sparkling Birthday wish for your friend/ family/ sweetheart/ loved one.
Celebrating You !
A warm, sparkling Birthday wish for your friend/ family/ sweetheart/ loved one.
[ Animated ]

Sparkling Wishes ! An ecard with a wonderful wish for your friends/ dear ones/ colleagues.
Sparkling Wishes !
An ecard with a wonderful wish for your friends/ dear ones/ colleagues.
[ Interactive ]

Visualizing myself on my 50th birthday

Ok, now it wouldn't be a bad idea to visualize myself on my 50th birthday! When the guests were standing round the table and Dave's mom was blowing off those 50 candles, I was thinking of whether I'd be able to put them off all by a single blow, when I'd turn 50. What all would I want my spouse and my children to say about me on the very special day? How would my place be adorned? What all would I have in the menu for my special guests? Oops!!

Well, I would like to invite all my childhood friends on my 50th birthday party and have a grand enjoyment ... me, my family and my friends. A picnic, I mean. The menu would include a special ice cream, specially prepared by my spouse with love and care. Hot dogs cannot be forgotten ..... I like it very much. Other items in the menu would be as per the choices of my wife and children. I would want my children to take the responsibility of inviting guests and arrange things for the party and would like to buy surprise gifts for my darling, my children and my special guests. How's that?

Perfect Birthday Gifts -- A Tough Deal For Me

Oops! It has always been the toughest task for me, coming up with perfect gifts for birthdays -- especially the milestone birthdays. Stepping on to 50 years of age is about marking a place in this world, making the dreams come true.

But I was so confused when I went to a local gift mall to buy a gift for Dave's mom on her 50th birthday. I spent long two and a half hours, looking for a perfect gift and returned back, wasting too much of time and energy. Flowers have always allured me a lot. So I went to the party with a large bouquet of 50 roses. The idea was not bad but I was looking for something different.

I'd appreciate if someone help me out with some milestone birthday gift ideas.

My friend Justin wants to plan for a surprise 50th birthday party for her father and wanted some original fun ideas. She wants to go for a sort of a theme, but the "over the hill" has been in so much of use that its really a boring theme for her ... so for me too. So we planned to reject it.

I suggested her to go for "back to the teen", a typical theme that I found when Dave threw a birthday party to celebrate his mom's 50th birthday the last year. It was a good idea and not very common. He had 1950's theme. The invitation read :

"Let me let you know
my mom's approaching the 50 years milestone.
I would like you to be our guest
on my mom's 50th birthday party
We'll be going back to 50s on this special day!"

He encouraged the guests to come dressed in 50s fashion and he also had purchased a few cheap stuffs so his mom could dress herself in 50s style. She was in white canvas shoes and dressed herself with clothes in funky shades and notably the bright red lipstick.

Most of the gifts were related to 50s style and the most lovable gift was presented by Dave's father. An antique wrist watch of 50s fashion. Wow!


Happy Birthday Virgo Friends

Hey friends ! Today is the last day for zodiac Leo. Virgo is at the doorstep. So just reach out to your Virgo friends with all warm birthday wishes to let your friend know how much you think of him or her.

Happy Birthday Virgo ! Send this ecard and make your friends/ loved ones feel special.
Happy Birthday Virgo !
Send this ecard and make your friends/ loved ones feel special.
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Harvest Of Smiles ! A warm Zodiac Virgo ecard for your friend/ sweetheart/ family/
Harvest Of Smiles !
A warm Zodiac Virgo ecard for your friend/ sweetheart/ family/
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John is a perfect example of a Virgo native I have ever seen, and I simply like him, as his nature has impressed me a lot. John is one of my Virgo friends, whom I know for 10 long years. I've been maintaining a close friendship with him and all that I came to know about him is that he has a modest character and quite diligent, methodical and self -sufficient. He's very practical , yet active and flexible. Most interestingly, I always feel the peaceful aura whenever I am with John. You know why ? Because his prudent and intelligent attitudes have always spread the fragrance of trust and honesty.

Birthdays are the time for celebration, cakes, balloons, gifts, friends, family & fun ! How about celebrating the special day of your folks & friends showering them with lotta warm wishes? there's nothing to feel bad really, if you are staying far away from your Virgo friends. Just scoop some time out of your busy schedule and send some of the cutest and nicest ecards to show them that you remember their birthdays are not out of your mind even if they are out of your sight.
A Birthday Wish For Someone Special ! A special Birthday note for your sweetheart/ loved one.

A Birthday Hug ! Send a cozy hug to your friends/ loved ones and wish them a 'Happy Birthday'.
August 25th we will be celebrating John's birthday with a hip hop party. I've freaked out with a wonderful, yet an unusual idea of what to do. An astrology party!! And yes, I believe it would be a great hit out there and John has liked this idea. It would be an experiment with my idea -- huh! I have already been to the local dollar store .... a good place to buy supplies. I'm planning to buy some unusual decors.

Birthday Party Invitation

Although many of my friends do not celebrate their birthdays, but I think that every birthday is special and hence deserves to be celebrated with dear and near ones. I feel that invitation for the special occasions like birthday should also be special.

Invitation is an art that involves a series of steps, starting from selecting a invitation card to selecting the font to choosing the words.... Remember that sometimes people would only want to attend your birthday party if it sounds exciting and interesting.

Sparkling Wishes ! Wish him / her an outta world celebration.
Sparkling Wishes !
Wish him / her an outta world celebration.
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Birthday Celebration ! A beautiful, warm Birthday ecard for your friend/ sweetheart/ near and dear one.
Birthday Celebration !
A beautiful, warm Birthday ecard for your friend/ sweetheart/ near and dear one.
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A couple of weeks back I had an invitation to the birthday party of Mr. and Mrs. Jones' cute little girl and I liked the script of the invitation very much. It goes here :

Look who dropped in!
Please share our joy
Justin's birthday
We welcome with heart full of joy
into our home and into our hearts
Bless our Little Justin
on her 5th Birthday

August 6th 2007; 6:00 Pm
Mr. & Mrs. Jones

I am sure you will never afford to avoid such a cute invitation from your friends and even if you miss it you will surely send a cute ecard with lots of hearty wishes to the little birthday child.

Tim's Birthday Celebration On Coffee Ice Cream Day

Dean and I were into a friendly chat, when suddenly we remembered that Tim's birthday is just close at the hand -- September 6th, which is a special day for all of us, because it's Coffee Ice Cream Day. We are planning to strike him with wonder with a big bar of Coffee Ice Cream. And what can be more yummy as a gift than this to a friend like Tim who has always been a great fan of ice creams ??

All Things Nice ! A fun filled ecard for all those who are crazy about coffee ice cream.
All Things Nice !
A fun filled ecard for all those who are crazy about coffee ice cream.
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Being With You... Send your beloved/ sweetheart this cute e-card.
Being With You...
Send your beloved/ sweetheart this cute e-card.
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You can celebrate the day, beating the heat, with lots of coffee ice creams. Here's an easy recipe for you ..


  • 5 egg yolks

  • Double cream milk – 1 ½ cup

  • Condensed milk – 1 large can

  • Sugar – ¾ cup

  • Whole Coffee Bean – 1 1/2 cups

  • Vanilla Extract -- ¼ teaspoon full

  • Finely Ground Coffee -- ¼ teaspoon full.

  • A pinch of Salt


  • Mix thoroughly the milk, sugar, whole coffee beans, salt, and 1/2 cup of the cream in a medium saucepan and heat it until it is quite warm and steamy .... don't boil. Once the mixture is warm, remove from the heat, cover it and let steep at room temperature for an hour.

  • Now pour the remaining 1 cup of cream into a medium size bowl, set on ice over a larger bowl. Set a mesh strainer on top of the bowls and keep aside.

  • Put the milk and coffee mixture to heat again on medium heat, until again hot and steamy ... don't boil. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks together and pour the heated milk and coffee mixture into the egg yolks slowly, whisking it constantly. Scrape the warmed egg yolks back into the saucepan.

  • Stir the mixture constantly for 10 minutes over medium heat with a heatproof, flat-bottomed spatula, scraping the bottom as you stir, until the mixture thickens and coats the spatula.

  • Pour the custard through the strainer and stir it into the cream. Press on the coffee beans in the strainer to extract as much of the coffee flavor as possible and discard the beans then. Mix in the vanilla and finely ground coffee, and stir it till it cools down.

  • Chill the mixture thoroughly in the refrigerator, then freeze it.

BIrthstones Make Wonderful Birthday Gifts

If you are like me -- frustrated of moving around the gift malls for hours but not able to come up with the right gift for your friends' birthday, then we are not alone in this world. Yes, selecting the right gift have always proved to be the toughest deal for millions.

However, I have got a wondrous idea. Guess what !!

How's birthday stones as gifts? Nancy's birthday was on the 15th of August and I presented her a beautiful bracelet with Peridot. Peridot is the birthstone for the month of August. And you cannot imagine how happy she was to have the gift. Here awaits the list:

Garnet for January
Amethyst for February
Aquamarine for March
Diamond for April
Emerald for May
Pearl & Moonstone for June
Ruby for July
Peridot for August
Sapphire for September
Opal for October
Yellow Topaz for November
Turquoise & Blue Topaz for December

A Day Full Of Surprises ! Wish your near and dear ones a very happy B'day with this ecard.
A Day Full Of Surprises !
Wish your near and dear ones a very happy B'day with this ecard.
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With Lots Of Love ! Make her/ him feel extra special with this beautiful wish.
With Lots Of Love !
Make her/ him feel extra special with this beautiful wish.
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Birthday Celebration in Love Month

Birthday celebration on Romance Awareness month is also another very interesting issue that I would like to talk about.

Top Of The World ! A 'Happy Birthday' wish for someone close to your heart.
Top Of The World !
A 'Happy Birthday' wish for someone close to your heart.
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A Special Birthday Message ! A wonderful interactive ecard for someone close to your heart.
A Special Birthday Message !
A wonderful interactive ecard for someone close to your heart.
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Love is the only way to celebrate your dear one's birthday, if it is on the romance awareness month. Just start up the day by making a phone call to your lover, telling him or her about your exciting plan to celebrate the birthday together. Love is never lost and will prove to be the best gift that you can ever give to your loved ones.

Birthday Flowers
Happiness Blooms !
A beautiful wish for your friends/ family/ colleagues/ loved ones.
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Romance is always in the air in the month of August. So, celebrate the birthday with your heart full of romantic ideas and and soul full of thoughts.

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