Celebrating 18th birthday With Cinderella Theme

If you are going to be 18 years old, I know that you're planning for a grand birthday party. If your budget is not that much of a constraint, you can go for a Cinderella birthday party theme. It's a perfect way to celebrate because you are going to step into a special phase of life. The world should now know how beautiful you are. Make sure that you are going to be wished with lots of wonderful birthday wishes by inviting lots of people. You can even tell them the party theme and have them dressed up as different characters from Cinderella - you can have a costume ball!

Get yourself prepared with some of the specialized costumes for your birthday. The sooner you plan the better, because you should have enough time on your hand to search for the right birthday party favors for yourself. Get your birthday decorations according to the theme.

Dress: You should dress yourself up as Cinderella in a beautiful white gown with a long trail, septer, gloves, crown and obviously a classy pair of shoes. Don't forget about the Cinderella tiara and jewelry.

Horse: If you want to be extravagant you can rent a white horse and carriage – with a driver so your friends can ride around. This would be great to photograph and preserve the memories.

Birthday Party Decoration: Decorate the house in pastel white and pink. Colored papers, streamers and balloons will give an aesthetic touch to your decoration. Place them anywhere that strike your fancy. Choice of colors is very important out here. For Cinderella themed decoration use colors like white, light pink, faint blue, lavender and faded cream. Try having Cinderella table cloths with matching napkins, plates and centerpiece decors.

The decorations should make your little guests feel that they have walked into a real fairy tale world.

Birthday Invitation : The mode of invitation should be in accordance to the party theme. Try sending invitation a couple of weeks before the party. Buy some Invitation cards that should be of any of the Cinderella colors. Chose a perfect font like the Old English font and write the invitation like royal invites.

The King wishes to invite you on Princess ---- 18th Birthday party.
Place: ...........
Date : ......; Time: .......

Birthday Cake: Order a castle cake. A regular birthday cake may not be appropriate for the Cinderella themed party so have more fun with a cake that looks like a castle!

Cinderella's Ball: Don't forget the Cinderella ball. A Cinderella party is worth meaningless without a royal Cinderella ball! Play the soundtrack from Cinderella and waltzes so that your guests can enjoy waltzing around. They must freeze on hearing the chime of the clock when it strikes 12!

Cinderella Party Favor: This is again very important. You can strike your special guests with sudden surprise by giving them cute Cinderella favor as a token of your gratitude for their presence on your very special day. You can fill up the cute little pink organza with gourmet cookies and some chocolates. A pink rose with that would just be a real blast.

Tips on taking great pictures at kids birthday party

I was at Dave's place last weekend and enjoyed a good amount of time talking about things here and there and playing chess. I have no clue how to play chess, I just move the pieces. While playing, I got to know from Dave, who's a good photographer, how to photograph kids at birthday parties. I didn't know there was so much to it!

I'm sharing with you what Dave shared with me:

1)Kid's Perspective -- Don't be intimidated by the camera. Even if you just know how to click a button it's good enough. All you need is to have a camera - digital cameras are of course the easiest. You don't need to be a technical expert. The most important thing is to get the child's perspective. Get down low while taking the snap of the children, so that the lens is at the level of the subjects - in this case kids. It would be the biggest mistake if you take shots standing. You can show the point of view of kids this way.

2)Shooting Angles – It's a good idea to take the snaps from different shooting angles in a mix and match basis. Just stand up on a table and take a snap for the whole group partying. The next shot can be a close up – getting down, looking up the kids closely.

3)Illumination – If the party is indoor, make sure you have enough lights. It's needed to get perfect result. If your camera has white balance, make sure you set that up before shooting. This applies to digital cameras and the colors should come out fine. Consult your camera's manual for this. Dave is really good with lights. He says that artificial lights usually leave your shots with undesirable tinges like florescent lights will give a green tinge. So the trick is all about setting the White Balance Controller properly.

4)Party Details-- Don't shoot in unplanned way. Focus on the party details. Some of the shots are best taken before the guests arrive, for instance the shot of the cake, decoration, party table and the birthday kid with his/her mom. You can capture all of the important moments by knowing how it is planned to run. So planning the party is really important.

5)Shooting Before and After Party: It is really amazing to see how a silent room turned into bustling a party hall with kids partying and dancing and again turned into a silent room with things scattered here and there. You can create a short story with your lens.

If you're planning to invite guests over, you can use these beautiful birthday invitation ecards so you have some guests ready to be shot! (No pun intended.) Make sure you have your camera ready with lots of film if you're using a film camera or batteries charged and memory sticks ready. It's easier to delete photos than not having enough space to capture all the beautiful moments.
Kids Birthday Codes

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Wishing Happy Birthday To Mandy Bruno – September 20th

Are you a fan of Mandy Bruno ? I have a great news for you. September 20th is Mandy's birthday. Yes, I'm going to wish her on her birthday but I don't know how yet. A lot of ideas are in my head right now and sending a cute ecard is one of them.

What do you think of that? Guess how I became a mad fan of hers? It's not because of her figure, it's because my mom used to watch Guiding Light a lot and I really liked how she played Marina Cooper in there.

Anyway, I'll be sending her a cute birthday ecard and I've already chosen it because Mandy's birthday is just close at the hand. Ok now, if any one out there like me, planning to wish her on her 26th birthday, I would like you to share your ideas with me. Just be ready - lets wish her together.

Milestone Birthday Celebration -- 30th Birthday

Birthdays are always special and that is why birthdays are being celebrated in almost every sections of the society -- from the elite class to the general middle class section. While the celebrities celebrate their birthdays with the galore of glory, the general mass has to stay within their affordable range. But whatever the way of celebration may it be, milestone birthdays are always extra special -- especially when it comes to 30th birthday. Yes, because the adult milestone birthday tend to strike at this age for the first time.

So throwing the 30th birthday party and getting special wishes are all special in your life. And its equally delightful to send special wishes to a friend who's throwing a 30th birthday party.

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Birthday Celebration on Labor Day

Ok now, if you are throwing your birthday party on labor day, its really a grand idea. You are probably done with the invitations and have planned for the decorations. What's there in the menu? Anything special? Cake is there -- beyond doubt. And I can say for sure that you have also planned for the BBQ for its also your labor day celebration. And what more??

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Have you ever wondered how amazing will your party be with an exotic dish like Jamaican Jerk Burger? Just try it and see the magic. you can have loads of information over the net.

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Strike your guests with with sudden surprise with the Jamaican Jerk Burger. Celebrate your birthday and the Labor Day with this YUMMY exotic dish. And its really very easy to make it. Here's how ....


* 1 pound ground meat (better combination of turkey and beef 60%,40%)
* 1/2 small orange
* 1 piece peeled ginger(1/2-inch in length)
* 3 fresh jalapeƱo chiles, stemmed and seeded
* 2 peeled cloves garlic
* 2 trimmed green onions
* 2 teaspoons allspice
* 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
* 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
* Nutmeg (little less than 1/4 teaspoon)
* 1/4 teaspoon dried crushed thyme
* 2 teaspoons brown sugar
* 1 teaspoon soy sauce
* 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
* 1 tablespoon dried bread crumbs

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Step 1- Peel of one tablespoon of orange zest from the orange skin.
Step 2- Finely chop the orange zest, ginger, jalapeƱos, garlic and green onions in formed in a food processor to make it a paste.
Step 3- Add the juice from the orange half and the Worcestershire sauce, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, brown sugar and thyme. Mix it well to.
Step 4- Place the bread crumbs and the meat in a mixing bowl and add the the blended mixture and mix it well into the ground meat.
Step5- Shape the mixture into 4 patties and cover and refrigerate for an hour to allow the flavors to blend. The patties will also get to firmed by this time.
Step 6-Form the meat into patties and rub the outer part of the patties with the olive oil and soy sauce.
Step 7- Grill it until the smell comes and the thing turns golden brown.

This serves four. Serve as you would any burger, with condiments, buns and lettuce etc

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