Birthday Party Ideas For Twins

Ohh fun, it’s birthday time!!!! As a parent of twins and a singleton, I know that having a birthday party for one child can be a challenge. Then you add the extra pressures and stress of hosting a party for twins. Our time is so limited as it is and to have double (or triple) planning is extremely time consuming, even though more than likely you’ll have a party for the twins at the same time.

So how do you make sure that each child receives their individual attention? How do you keep a group of children occupied and happy? Especially when most of your/their friends are multiples also!

The following are some ideas and tips that I have come across for planning a multiple party. Hopefully it will lessen the pre-party stress and allow you to relax and enjoy their BIG day.

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  • Make sure you have birthday cake for each child. In their favorite color, flavor, style and theme.
  • ALWAYS have a back-up plan for any outdoor party. It's a good idea to either have a rain date, or make some arrangements for an indoor party in the event of bad weather.
  • Make sure that whatever you plan for an outdoor party can be easily adapted to an indoor party.
  • Limit number of guests (childs friends) to one child per year of age. 5 years old would have 5 friends each.
  • Plan age appropriate activities so the twins and guests wont be overwhelmed.
  • Sing happy birthday song to each child.
  • For young children, keep it simple and short. You might even consider avoiding opening presents at the party. I found out that it is easier for everyone if you can open the presents at home at you/your children's own leisure. WHY? It keeps the guests/other children from being bored watching someone else get presents they may not have. Second, if you will have to return an item, for whatever reason, then the giver doesn't necessarily know that. (Just because they children are twins, you don’t necessarily want two of all toys, or items that the twins already have)
  • Always have extras of everything from food to party favors. It never fails that a parent will bring a guest's sibling, the parents will stay for the party, one of your guests brings a friend, or a guest that did not rsvp comes. It’s always better to have food left over than to not have had enough to feed everyone.
  • Remain flexible and keep your sense of humor!
  • Don't let the party span into naptime.

Planning Schedule
Some of the planning might not include you children based upon their age and communication skills. It may help to check off as completed.

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6 to 8 weeks before the birthday
  • Help child select a theme or select theme
  • Decide on the number of guests
  • Ask a few friends or family members for help on party day I recommend 1 adult per 4 children (serve/cook food, play games,write list of gifts received, take pictures, pick up etc…)
  • Write guest list
  • Decide on location at home or outside of home (park, grandma’s, chuck e cheese, etc…)
  • Indoor or outdoor party
  • Choose a date and time. Think about usual nap times and plan party around so twins usual schedule won’t be interrupted.
  • Hiring an entertainer? Call to book them.

2 -3 weeks before the party
  • Buy invitations, thank you notes, and stamps
  • Write and mail invitations
  • Keep a list of invitees near the phone for RSVP's
  • Select 4 - 6 party activities (age appropriate)
  • Collect prizes and items needed for activities
  • Decide on food to be served. Keep is simple
  • Order cake’s (if you aren't baking one yourself).
  • Remind helpers that the party is soon

1 week prior
  • Order activities keep in mind attention spans and little ones getting hungry and tired .
  • Play or read instructions on any games or activities with which you are unfamiliar. Again keep it simple!
  • Check out any books, music, or tapes you are borrowing from the library.

2-3 days prior
  • Call any guests who have not responded.
  • Shop for groceries or other food being served. Buy candles.
  • Purchase any candy for favors, piñata, film.
  • Prepare any craft activities (cutting, copying etc…)
  • Stuff the favor bags.
  • Charge camera/video camera battery.

The day before the party
  • Put away any items that may be dangerous or fragile.
  • Bake or pick up cake.
  • If you are taking my advice and keeping it simple, call today to have the pizza delivered.
  • Confirm entertainer
  • Confirm mom’s helpers

4 -5 hours before party
  • Cut up any fruit or veggies, make dips, etc…
  • Clean party area. Don’t bother trying to clean day’s ahead especially with twins or twinadoes as I lovingly refer to my children.
  • Set up decorations
  • Set up tables or stations for activities
  • Put candles in cake and put matches in safe place.
  • Go pick up balloons
  • Tie some balloons to the mailbox or front of house to make it easy for guests to find your home.
  • Place crafts and prizes near the activity locations.
  • Put notebook and pen near gift table for helper to log gifts as opened. This will make writing thank you notes much easier

1 hour prior
  • Putting any pets in an area away from the guests. (allergies)
  • Get Twins dressed
  • Get siblings dressed
  • Get husband/significant other dressed
  • Get yourself dressed
  • Set up coolers with ice for drinks
  • Set out food
  • Have mom’s helpers arrive

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Have a well planned, stress free, fun party!Inexpensive and unique party Favor Game Ideas

I buy my party stuff wholesale from
Usually if your order is over $60.00 the shipping is free. What I do is talk to other moms and we all order our birthday and holiday party things together to combine the shipping costs.

Another source for great party favors are the dollar stores. My favorite is dollar tree. They seem to have good quality items for only $1.00. Watch out for those so-called dollar stores that charge more for different items.

Party in summer:
Gave each child a small beach bucket with attached shovel, inside the bucket put sunglasses, a deflated beach ball, bubbles, and a plastic watch. On the outside of the bucket use a "paint pen" and write the name of the child and draw water or fish.
Cost about $2.50 per child.

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Thank you cards:
Take a picture of the twins at the party
Make doubles at wal-mart usually only .13 per picture and put it in with the thank you note from the twins.
“Thanks for making us smile on our birthday”
“Thanks for making our birthday special”

Take a picture of each child/friend/family member and send a picture of that person in the thank you note. Everyone loves pictures of their own kids or themselves with the twins!

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A table centerpiece:
Buy a plastic fish bowl
Make Aqua or light blue Jell-O in the fish bowl. As the Jell-O cools and is semi-solid, drop some gummy fish into the bowl. The usually will sink about halfway down. Finish chilling and you have a great table centerpiece which the kid’s can dig into and eat during the party.

Casual Party at the park Ideas
For party favors: Chalk, small balls, bubbles.
Take kites, bats, gloves, and balls, Frisbee’s, jump ropes for everyone to play with.
Cook hotdogs; serve chips, cake and soda
Fill piñata with boxes of raisins, pencils, crayons, and stickers.

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Party books to check out of the library
The Penny Whistle Party Planner by Meredith Brokaw & Annie Gilbar (Simon & Schuster)
Birthday Parties, Best party Tips and Ideas by Vicki Lansky (The Book Peddlers)
Birthday Parties for Kids! Creative Party Ideas Your Kids & Their Friends Will Love by Penny Warner (Prima Publishing)
Children's Party Ideas by Margaret Dunne (Berkley Books)
Fifty Fabulous Parties for Kids by Linda Hetzer (Crown Trade Paperbacks)
Successful Children's Parties by Julia Goodwin (Ward Lock)
Birthday Parties for Children - How to Give Them, How to Survive Them by Jean Marzollo (Harper & Row)

Twins First Birthday Party
Invitations: Put ink on the bottom of one of each of the twin’s hands and print onto piece of paper. Write the child’s name under their handprint. Make a master copy and print out invitations below or above the handprints.

Baseball party
Invitation: Cut circle from white card stock. Print or write out the party details, then glue craft rickrack to make it look like a baseball.
Goodie bag: Fill an old-fashioned popcorn box with major-league treats. Bubblegum hotdogs, baseball wrapped candy, baseball pencils, etc…

Cookie decorating party
Invitation: make a recipe-like invitation. Print out on white cardstock Cookie Decorating Party

You & 10 more fun children Candy sprinkles & sugar
2 birthday girls – Maddie and Mary Lots and Lots of frosting
6 lbs of cookie dough Fun, Fun, Fun
1. Meet at 1234 Nowhere Lane, Saturday, September 7 at 2 pm
2. Roll up your sleeves and gather around the table.
3. Bring your imagination to make the cookies of your dreams.

Goodie bag: Buy bakery style boxes and print each guests name on them so they can pack their cookies to take home.

Tea Party
Goodie bag: Cut rectangle shapes from wax paper. Cut small tags from card stock. Staple the small tags to a piece of string then staple to the wax paper bag. Write each guests name one the tag. Fill with lady like goodies. (Stickers, bracelet, lipstick, button candy, hair bows, candy necklace)
Activity: Dress up of course.

Coloring Party
Invitation: Print a label with all the invitation information and stick it to an inexpensive box of crayons and put in envelope to mail.
Goodie bag: Coloring sheets that you print off the Internet and a package of crayons. ( free pages)
Activity: Purchase a roll of white paper and roll it across a table and put buckets of crayons on top for the kids to color.

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Article Source: Twins Birthday Party Planning

Birthday Gifts for Grandparents

Birthdays. They only come once a year, yet people cringe at the thought of coming up with a great present for just one day. We’ve all been there – we spend hours trying to think up a unique birthday gift, but the ideas never seem to flow. It’s especially difficult when we have to pick out presents for our grandparents; an older generation which is often impossible to please. Luckily, there are a few ways to help you come up with distinctive birthday gift idea.

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If you are trying to think of a birthday gift idea that will incorporate both of your grandparents, it may be smart to pick something simple. The more extravagant you go, the harder it’s going to be to please both people. Most people tend to choose a joint gift such as memory books. This way you can create a photo collage, capturing all of the memories you never want to forget. Grandparents love seeing pictures of you when you were younger, and they enjoy seeing family photos even more. It is an ideal thoughtful gift that is much more meaningful than a pricey present. If you are not the crafty type, there are also dozens of other birthday gift ideas. For instance, grandparents love doing things together. A great idea would be to make them a gift basket. This could include several movie tickets, popcorn, and other treats for them to bring. Also, if they need help around the house, you could also buy an amplified phone, which will allow them to hear people easier when talking on the phone.

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Other joint presents could include something sweet. No matter how old your grandparents are, they will never get sick of chocolate! There are hundreds of gourmet chocolate gifts online, making it easy for you to quickly order it and not have to worry about anything else. Many chocolate delivery places offer wrapping and personalized cards to go along with the sweet surprise. This is a great gift if you do not know what else to get them. Chocolate gifts will always go over well, as long as you get enough for the two of them!

If you want to buy a gift that only incorporates one grandparent, figuring out their hobbies would be a great idea. For example, if your grandfather loves to golf, perhaps you could get him personalized golf balls. You also could buy a few golfing books and add a golf computer game to the stash. If you are feeling generous, there are always computers and cell phones that you could consider.

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If you are trying to think of a birthday gift idea for your grandmother, then it is an entirely different story. Every woman loves jewelry and purses, thus spoiling her with these luxurious items would put her in high spirits. Other ideas could include a massage certificate or her favorite CD. There are many “Songs of the Century” CD’s available, therefore making it a wonderful surprise.

No matter how old or young your grandparents are, it is tremendously easy to find something that they will like. Many people shudder at the thought of figuring out what to get their loved ones, but it is all about focusing on who they are and their hobbies. As long as you know them, it should not be an impossible task.

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Guest Blogger
Natalie Aranda writes on home and family. If you are trying to think of a birthday gifts that will incorporate both of your grandparents, it may be smart to pick something simple. No matter how old your grandparents are, they will never get sick of chocolate! There are hundreds of gourmet chocolate gifts online, making it easy for you to quickly order it and not have to worry about anything else. Many chocolate delivery places offer wrapping and personalized cards to go along with the sweet surprise. This is a great gift if you do not know what else to get them. Chocolate gifts will always go over well, as long as you get enough for the two of them!

Article Source: EzineArticles

La Quinceanera Party Games

La Quinceanera Party Games are almost as important as that first boy/girl slow dance for your young daughter’s big 15th birthday party. So here are a couple of La Quinceanera party games that out to keep the guests laughing.

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The first game is called ‘Rhyme Round’. It’s a good La Quinceanera party game to play with the adults who may be tired out after a long day of celebrations. It’s a rhyming round of conversation to keep the small talk at the party fun. Have everyone sitting at a table play.

You can start this La Quinceanera game by turning to the person to your left and asking them a silly question. Then this person turns to the person to their left and asks another silly question, but the first word of their silly question must rhyme with the last word of your silly question and so on. For example; you ask ‘How’s the duck dance going pal?’ and that person says ‘Sal, we duck’s don’t dance, haven’t they got two left feet?” to the person to their left. This style of rhyming continues around the party table. If anyone falters or messes up a rhyme they have to drop out of the game. Be sure to give a La Quinceanera party prize to the last person talking.

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The second game is called, ‘Ping Pong Blow’ and it’s a test of everyone’s lungs at the La Quinceanera party. For it you’ll need two ping pong balls, a couple of baskets and a long table. The players will start with their balls set on one end of the table and try to get them to the other side of the table and into the baskets on the floor by only using their breath. This can be a crazy game because the ping pong balls tend to go any which way they want. The first to get their ping pong ball into the basket is the winner. If the ping pong ball falls off the table at any time and not into the basket you will place at the end of the table, the player owning the ball has to start from the beginning of the table again.

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Guest Blogger:
Mrs. Party... Gail Leino takes a common sense approach to planning and organizing events, celebrations and holiday parties with unique ideas for La Quinceanera party supplies and fun free educational party games. She explains proper etiquette and living a healthy life while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts. The Party Supplies Shop has lots of party ideas with hundreds of free holiday printable games and free birthday party activities. Over 100 adorable Party Themes to fit your birthday celebration, holiday event, or "just because" parties is at the Party Theme Shop. Party themes include cartoon characters, sports, movie, TV shows, luau, western, holidays, and unique crazy fun theme ideas.

Article Source: La Quinceanera Party Games

Tips For Playing With Piñatas

Kids love seeing a piñata at a party because it’s two doses of fun. They get to destroy an inanimate object with their parent’s permission and eventually it looks like the sky is raining candy. Pinatas come in all different shapes and sizes. Girls might like a princess, purse or pink pony piñata, while boys would rather have a train, tank or sports piñata. There are also plenty of piñatas shaped like children’s movie or television characters. Be sure to use a piñata that is large enough for your party. The last thing you want is to run out of candy and leave some kids to go without.
If you’re concerned that the children at your party are too young to use a bat to break a piñata, there are safe alternatives. Pull-string piñatas have ribbons flowing from the bottom and once they are pulled a few times, the bottom falls out and candy showers down on the children, just as it would with a traditional piñata. This style piñata is also great if the party has to be taken indoors unexpectedly since no one is swinging a bat. The selection of pull-string piñatas is broad and you can most likely find one that will fit your child’s interests.

If you’re planning on playing with piñatas during any celebration, follow these few guidelines to keep everyone safe and happy.
  1. Find a sturdy place to hang the piñata from, like a tree or basketball hoop.
  2. If the kids are old enough, provide a blindfold and stick. Then spin them around a few times and let them hit the piñata a more than once before moving on to the next child.
  3. Very young children should go without a blindfold.
  4. Always keep several feet clear around the child who is hitting the piñata. You don’t want anyone to be accidentally struck.
  5. Consider pull-string versions of piñatas for an indoor birthday event or with toddler aged children.

Happy Birthday To You !
Wish your kids/ grandkids/ li'l pals/ loved ones !

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A Day Full Of Surprises !
A fun B'day wish for your buddies/ near n dear ones.

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Splurge On Your Kids Birthday Party

So you have a hefty budget for your child’s birthday party and you’d like to plan an all-out extravaganza. Where do you spend your funds? If you’d like some ideas on kids birthday parties when money is of little concern, take a look at these suggestions:

Aquarium Adventure – If your child is a fan of the underwater world, bring everyone to a birthday adventure at the aquarium. Rent out the facility and have food and cake surrounded by coral reefs, stingrays, and exotic fish.

Star of the Show – Have your child be the star of the show and your guests will be cast members. For these kids birthday parties, guests get to write, film, and act in their own movie – then watch it on the big screen. Find a company which specializes in these workshop productions and have them tailor an event just for your party.

Carnival Fun – For kids birthday parties with a lot of younger guests, rent your own carnival, complete with moon bounce, pony rides, inflatable slides, and arcade games. Add activities like face painting, fortune telling, and balloon twisting.

Railroad Birthday – Rent a train, have catered food, add live entertainment, and you can have a mobile party for kids on a train. As a special treat, your birthday guest of honor can spend some time riding with the conductor. Go old-fashioned with a steam engine train or choose a modern version instead.

A Special Birthday Puzzle !
A fun and interactive ecard for your kid/ friend/ grandchild.

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A Birthday Surprise !
A cute card for your kid/ grandkid/ li'l pal.

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For those of you whose gal friends swear by the latest fashion trends and accessories, here are some cool handbag trends coming up in spring that you could select and gift your gal on her birthday, making her go absolutely gaga over you.

Melissa Hobo Bag
by St. John's Bay
Roomy cotton Melissa hobo bag with shiny nickel hardware.

Worthington Double Zip Satchel
by Worthington
Metal zip pockets with square ring detail on handles. PVC.

Merona Print Tote Green
by Merona
Make a simple outfit come alive with this colorful tote. More Green floral print adds graphic detail to your look; magnetic snap is easy to open and close, Inside zip pocket cell phone slot and PDA slot keep all your gear organized.

Rafe for Target Linen Flap Shoulder Bag Orange
by Rafe
Ditch the grungy backpack and get a hip bag thats glowing... More with glam--neutraltone linen highlighted with bright orange trim. The bag has 2 pockets to keep your stuff organized and a magnetic snap closure that wont slow you down.

Cole Haan : Women's Dome Satchel : Village Weave Collection Handbags
by Cole Haan
Dome satchel in handwoven leather with artisan covered.

White Stag - Crochet Hobo Bag with Accessories
With jeans and a sweater, this funky-chic bag looks great... More on weekend outings. The textured pattern gives it a relaxed, casual flair. Sling it over your shoulder and venture forth in style!

Hop in for more tomorrow.

Birthday Jackpot !
A groovy ecard for your friend/ loved one,
giving him/ her reasons to smile on the big day.

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Cheers !
A funny ecard for your friend/ loved one to
cheer the spirit of his/ her special day.

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Here are some more sweet gifts that will make the new arrival 'coo' in delight and happy up the birthday boy or girl too.

Baby Gyms And Playmats - Baby Activity Playmats & Gyms are always a favorite of baby gifts, baby shower gifts, welcome new baby gifts! available online. These Activity playmats are always a top choice on baby gift registries too.

Baby Mobiles - Watch your baby smile at this musical gift hanging from the crib!

Bath Toys - Bathtub gifts & toys, Fun Bath Toys, and Bathtub Puppets make bath time a fun affair in the Bathtub!

Baby Travel Toys - Enjoy traveling on happy trails, with these quality baby travel and activity toys. They keep the baby and toddler happily entertained for rides in the stroller or car seat.

A 'One'derful Birthday !
Send this cute card to your nephew/ niece/ grandchild on his/ her 1st Birthday.

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A 1-derful B'day To You !
Wish your son/ daughter/ niece/ nephew/ grandchild a day full of happiness and fun !

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Newborn Baby And Toddler Birthday Gifts

Found some really cute, cuddly and adorable birthday gifts for your little one that could adorn their playrooms and also enhance their cognitive faculties. So take a look and enjoy:

Baby Gift Baskets - Great selection of adorably packaged newborn and baby gift baskets filled with baby essentials and fun.

Diaper Cakes - The cutest 'cakes' for moms-to-be or for a new baby or baby shower gift, but not to eat. These are shaped as tiered cakes, created and filled with useful newborn items. Featured on Oprah and seen on many TV shows.

Developmental Toys for Babies - Developmental toys babies need and love. Sorters, alphabet & play cubes, activity benches, counting toys, fun mazes and more to stimulate baby's mind and reflexes and help baby learn.

Dimples & Dandelions - Oh-too-adorable baby clothing, accessories and nursery decor. A very chic baby boutique where you'll find many baby gift items to fall in love with. Good luck choosing! :-)

Baby Monitor - An especially great gift for baby showers or for a newborn baby gift. Every parent will rest easier being able to hear their baby while in a different room.

Tune in for more exciting gifts tomorrow.

Have A Bouncing B'day !
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Happy 1st Birthday !
Wish your nephew/ niece/ grandchild as he/ she celebrates this special day.

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Birthday Party Themes For Boys

Its your boy's birthday and he certainly deserves the best party ever. Time for you to arrange a wonderful party for your kid. Don't worry about ideas, just check out the list below and stock up on your party supplies coz this celebration has got to rock.

Undercover spy theme – Turn your party for your birthday boy into a secret agent affair. With a mystery in hand, disguises in plenty and double agent type gadgets to work with, make your guests cry for more.

Sports camp theme – If you’ve got an athlete in the family with a birthday on the horizon, throw a sports camp party event. Create uniform t-shirts for the guests and hit the field for friendly sampler of flag football, soccer, and basketball. When the guests are ready to crash, serve refreshments, have cake, and pass out trophies for favors.

Racing Car theme – Decorate with checkered flags and racing banners. Create a pit stop full of snacks and drinks to go. Then line up the miniature racetrack with cars and remote controls.

A Purse Fulla Goodies !
A funny way of letting your son/ daughter know that they deserve it.

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With Love And Pride...
Make your son feel special with this heartfelt message.

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What Happened The Year You Were Born

In 1980 (the year you were born)

Jimmy Carter is president of the US

President Carter announces punitive measures and embargos against the USSR in retaliation for the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

Mount St. Helens in Washington state erupts in a violent blast estimated to be 500 times as powerful as the Hiroshima atomic bomb

Ronald Reagan is elected the 40th US president in a sweeping victory

US Representative Michael O. Myers is expelled from the House for his role in the Abscam scandal

Hewlett-Packard announces release of its first personal computer

Microsoft announces their version of UNIX, Xenix

Christina Ricci, Chelsea Clinton, Venus Williams, Jessica Simpson, Macaulay Culkin, and Jake Gyllenhaal are born

Philadelphia Phllies win the World Series

Pittsburgh Steelers win Superbowl XIV

New York Islanders win the Stanley Cup

The Empire Strikes Back is the top grossing film

"Lady" by Kenny Rogers spends the most time at the top of the US charts

U.S. viewers get caught up in the "Who Shot J.R.?" cliff hanger on the soap opera series, Dallas, which is solved on a November 21 episode, drawing a record numbers of viewers

Happy Birthday To You !
A smiling wish for your near 'n dear ones.

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Wishing Special Moments !
Send this warm interactive B'day greeting card to your loved one.

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30th Birthday Party Ideas

Who says you grow old when you step into your 30s. The moment people turn 30, they start getting nostalgic about their 20s. I would say that now is the time when we begin to understand the true essence of life. So, jazz up your party and do away with all the birthday blues by taking a look at these scintillating party themes.
Casino Nights – Bring out the dice, playing cards, and craps table too. Have an evening with friends, cocktails and roll out the fancy buffet.

Arcade Afternoon – Set up air hockey, football table, and traditional arcade games. Keep the dining requirements simple – chips and dip, pizza, and sodas will complete the arcade experience.

A Posh Affair – Have guests dressed up to the nines, turn your humble home into a swanky pad, and bring out the fine wines. Don’t forget formal invitations and the classy tunes.

Climbing Adventure – Not afraid of heights? Have the gang climb a rock wall for a height defying experience. You can book time on location or have a mobile rock wall come out to you. Be sure to serve an elaborate picnic lunch your hungry guests as well.

Shooting Higher !
A sparkling ecard to wish your near and dear
ones a very happy 30th Birthday.

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Soar High On 30 !
A special ecard for your friend/ colleague to wish him/ her on this B'day.

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All The Good Things In Life !
An elegant ecard to wish your friend/ dear
one a prosperous and successful life ahead.

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40th Birthday Party Ideas

For your fortieth birthday, you don’t have to celebrate at home or even your hometown. Why not round up some family and friends and embark on an adventure birthday party? You’re only limited by how much you want to spend and how far you’re willing to go. Here are a few action-packed suggestions.

  • Spend the weekend in Vegas and gamble your cares away.
  • Take a train trip to a city you've never been to.
  • Book an time slot to drive a racecar at a racing clinic.
  • Try skydiving or parasailing for the first time
  • Spend an afternoon doing some indoor rock climbing, or for the real deal go camping.

Happy 40th Birthday !
Send special wishes your friend's/ loved one's way with this animated ecard.

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40 Is Double The Fun !
A simple formula to make all your near and dear ones who hit the 40's smile !

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More 50th Birthday E-cards

Wish your friends and acquaintances on their 50th birthday with these grand ecards

Go For Gold !

Great card to celebrate your friend/ near ones 50th Birthday !

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A Warm-Up Celebration !
Send this well animated ecard to wish your loved one/ friend a very happy 50th Birthday.

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50th Birthday Gift Ideas

50 years, an age which often makes people reflective, nostalgic and even sensitive at times. Family members and friends need to be extra supportive now. Half a life has passed away but another half still waits to unfold itself. This birthday is a time for celebrating the experience and wisdom gained from all the years of living life.
Some unique gifts for the 50th birthday milestone are :

The actual LIFE magazine published the week that the birthday person was born.

Art also makes for a great gift.

Getaways to spa resorts or luxury hotels at exotic destinations for two.

1957 Vintage wine, brandy and Port wines– A gift to make one merry.

A Timex Wrist Watch Set
An elegant gift for both men and women. It comes in a golden frame and its rectangular dial gives a dapper look to the person wearing it. Makes a stylish and trendy gift for someone special.

A silk necktie or semi precious stone studded cuff links should also do very well as items for 50th Birthday Gift (for men).

Pearls always bring a smile on any woman’s face – go for pearl jewelry and see the sparkle in that special woman’s eyes! You can even give her a leather handbag or silk stole or scarf.

Wildlife chess game in alabastrite or a Golf history shadow box and unique golf putters.

Digicam and an exquisite photo frame- To click with a wink , store and display all beautiful memories.

Rock 'n' Bowl- Bring back vinyl and memories of those heady days in the form of a bowl made from an original vinyl record and bona fide classic of the 70s. Record labels are laminated to protect from damage and moisture. 12-inch disc forms bowl.

A Hot Air Balloon Ride- My dad gave mom this special gift as an expression of his love on her 50th birthday.

Golden Era !
Wish your loved one/ family/ bro/ sis/ friend
with this cute 50th Birthday ecard.

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A New Full Time Job !
A sweet message for your husband/ spouse/ loved one on his 50th Birthday.

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Have a soft spot for your boss's daughter but cant seem to find words to express yourself in front of her? Well, extend a hand of friendship to her by sending her a beautiful birthday message.

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A Delightful B'day Wish !

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Some traditions are quite similar in many parts of the world; birthday candles which carry wishes up to God, birthday games which gauge how much more a child can do versus last year, and birthday pinches or taps which ensure good luck for the coming year. Some traditions are more specific to certain countries.

Germany - Candles left burning for the day. A member of the birthday person’s family wakes up at sunrise and lights the candles on the birthday cake. There are as many candles as the years of age of the birthday person plus one for good luck. The candles are left burning all day long. After dinner that night then everyone sings the birthday song and the birthday person blows out the candles. If all of the candles are blown out in one try then the wish of the birthday person will come true. Presents are then opened and the party starts.

Germany - Sweeping the stairs of city hall. When men reach the age of 30 and they still don't have a girlfriend that they have to sweep the stairs of the city hall. All there friends will throw rubble on the stairs and when you're finished they'll throw some more rubble there. This way every girl can see that this
man reached the age of 30 and still doesn't have a girlfriend (and that he can clean a house very well!).

Guyana - Special dishes. Chicken, duck or lamb curry with rice are the main dishes at the birthday celebration. A family member usually bakes a fruit, black or sponge for the birthday boy/girl to cut. The person celebrating their birthday will wear something fancy.

Holland - Crown Years. Special year birthdays such as 5, 10, 15, 20, 21 are called "crown" years. The birthday child receives an especially large gift on a crown year birthday. The family also decorates the birthday child's chair at the dining room table with seasonal flowers or paper streamers, paper flowers and balloons. At school the birthday child can give their classmates something to eat and the teacher makes the child a birthday hat, often made of paper streamers or paper flowers.

India - Colored dress and chocolates. At school the birthday child wears a colored dress and passes out chocolates to the entire class, with the help of a trusted friend.

Ireland - Birthday Bumps. The birthday child is lifted upside down and "bumped" on the floor for good luck. The number of bumps given is the age of the child plus one for extra good luck.

Israel - Chair Raising. A small child sits in a chair while grown-ups raise and lower it a number of times corresponding to the child's age, plus one for good luck.

Italy - Pulling ears. The child's ears are pulled as many times as how old they are turning.

Japan - New Clothes. The birthday child wears entirely new clothes to mark the occasion. Certain birthdays are more important than others and these are celebrated with a visit to the local shrine.

Mexico - Piñatas. The piñata, usually made out of paper mache and in the form of an animal, is filled with goodies and hung from the ceiling. The birthday child is blindfolded and hits the piñata until it is cracked open. All the children share the goodies. The song Las Mananitas is sung. Also, when a daugher is 15, the birthday is celebrated with a special mass in her honor. A party is then given to introduce her to everyone as a young woman. The father dances a waltz with her.

A Special Birthday Gift !
A bright and happy B'day wish for your near ones/ friends or anyone you know.

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Just For Her Birthday E-cards

A Sizzling B'day Kiss !
Send a B'day kiss to your sweetheart with this ecard.

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A Song Of Love...
Let your heart sing out to that 'special someone' on her B'day.
Sharing, caring, pillow-fighting and pullin' each other's leg... That's the relationship Brothers And Sisters share ! Express your love for your dear brother/ sister on his/ her birthday with one of these warm and special sibling ecards.

Bestest Sister !
A cute wish for a sister who's close to your heart.

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For The Coolest Bro !
Send this smart, cool birthday wish
to your brother/ sibling on his special day and make him smile.

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Africa - Initiation Ceremonies. In various African nations they hold initiation ceremonies for groups of children instead of birthdays. When children reach a certain designated age, they learn the laws, beliefs, customs, songs and dances of their tribes.

Argentina - Dance the waltz at 15. When girls turn 15 they have a huge party and dance the waltz with their father and other boys.

Brazil - Pulls on the earlobe. The birthday child receives a pull on the earlobe for each year they have been alive. The birthday person also gives the first slice of cake to his/her most special friend or relative, usually mom or dad. At the age of 15, the girl dances a waltz with staring with her father and grandfather. She dances with a total of 15 partners each symbolizing a year of her life.

Happy La Quinceañera Birthday !
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Canada - Greasing the nose with butter or margarine. In Atlantic Canada (Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Newfoundland) the birthday child is ambushed and their nose is greased for good luck. The greased nose makes the child too slippery for bad luck to catch them. This tradition is reputed to be of Scottish decent. Birthday punches. In Quebec the birthday person receives a punch for each year they are alive and then one for good luck.

China - Noodles for Lunch. The birthday child pays respect to his/her parents and receives a gift of money. Friends and relatives are invited to lunch and noodles are served to wish the birthday child a long life.

Ecuador - Pink Dress. When a girl turns 15 there is a great celebration and the girl wears a pink dress. The father puts on the birthday girls first pair of high heels and dances the waltz with her while 14 maids and 14 boys also dance the waltz.

England - Fortune Telling Cakes and Bumps. Certain symbolic objects are mixed into the birthday cake as it being prepared. If your piece of cake has a coin in it, then you will be rich. Also, when its your birthday your friends give you the "bumps" they lift you in the air by your hands and feet and raise you up and down to the floor, one for each year then one for luck, two for luck and three for the old man's coconut!

Stay tuned for more tomorrow.

A Special Birthday Orchestra !
A wonderful Birthday symphony for your friend/ family/ near 'n dear ones.

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Birthday Ecards For Your Stepparents

Parenting is no walk in the park, even for a Stepparent. Reach out to your Stepparent(s) on their Birthday and show them the love and appreciation they deserve with these greeting cards.

On Your Special Day...
Tell your stepdad how lucky you're to have him with this cute ecard.

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Have A Wonderful Birthday !
A beautiful ecard to let your stepmom know how special she is.

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Looking for ideas to plan a teen birthday party? There are countless possibilities, depending on your budget, party size, and interests. Here is a wonderful compilation of teen birthday party ideas for every kind of budget consideration:

Beach Bonfire:
Budget: Low

Get there in the late afternoon and hold a mini sand castle building contest. As the sun sets, roast marshmallows, pack some picnic grub, sit around a beach bonfire, and tell stories. It’s easy, low-cost, and fun.

Survivor Party:
Budget: Moderate

Pick out an “exotic locale” and send out invitations accordingly. Decorate with items like tiki torches and tropical greenery. Have party members divide up into tribes. Set up games like having the tribes compete to build their own shelters and do a neighborhood scavenger hunt. Don’t forget to feed the famished islanders – a sampling of Hawaiian food will do the trick.

Concert Party-
Budget: High

Pick the favorite band of your choice, invite several of your closest friends, and get front row tickets to see a concert. Rent a limo to take everyone to a meal before hand and cruise the town after the concert before heading home. If you’re really diligent, you can secure backstage passes by going through the band’s fan club or a radio show. For favors, pass out a goody bag with CD’s from the band, concert t-shirts, and posters.

Have A Blast !
Wish your friend, cousin or sibling a rockin' time in his or her B'day.

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You Rock !
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March 8 - its her birthday and international women's day too. Quite an important day isn't it? Women have called us men insensitive and unemotional...well now is the time to prove them wrong. But first, here are some hard facts about us. We men tend to make tons of promises to our gals as soon as we enter a relationship. But slowly instead of learning to appreciate the little things she does for us and fulfill our promises, we start taking her for granted. Yes, women need love, affection and quite a lot of pampering too. But more than that, they need to sense respect and feel understood in a relationship. Never take your lady for granted because that is when you start treating her like any other common individual but mind you, she is neither common nor divine, she is a beautiful being who fills your life with happiness, love and a desire to live for others not just oneself. Be it a mother, a daughter, sister, wife or girlfriend, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all these immensely valuable women in our lives a happy women's day. As for those whose birthday falls on the same day, here are some tips that will help the men to make this day special and unforgettable for them.

  • Gift wrap a wishbone in a jewelry box-Send it to her office with a note that says,"You are my life, I wish you were here."
  • Don't just walk into the house tonight the way you always do. Pause on the porch; ring the doorbell; and greet her with one red rose and a bottle of champagne. Dress up for dinner at home. Tuxedo for him, evening gown for her.Hire a pianist to play during a romantic dinner at home.
  • Practice creating "Variations on a Theme" for generating romantic ideas - Start with "greeting cards": Buy one; buy a hundred! Make some yourself. Send one-a-day for a week, send one-a-day for a month! Frame some cards that she's given you or buy ten pounds of her favorite candy. Fill her shoes with them; fill her purse, her glove compartment, her pillow. Send it to her at work. Spell out words with it. Create trails throughout the house with it.
  • On your lover's birthday, send a "thank you" card to her mother for bringing her into this world .

For more wonderful tips on how to create magic on this special day check out this amazing Women's Day Blog

A Day That's Real Special...
Wish the special woman 'Happy Birthday' with this elegant ecard.

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It's Your Birthday Too...
A virtual cake for your loved woman family member/ friend on International Women's Day.

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Birthday Gifts For Teachers

Choosing a well-considered present for a teacher will show your appreciation more than you know. If your child's teacher loves to cook, a gift for his/her kitchen would be most appreciated. If teacher has her own children at home, a gift of food treats or a gift certificate to a restaurant would go a long way to make his/her life easier.

I've searched through the many online stores and found special merchandise I think is just great for teacher presents. These are my recommendations for special gifts teachers would love and truly appreciate

  • Teacher Figurines
  • Personalized Teacher Gifts
  • Boxed Chocolates
  • A fine writing Pen-A classic gift and always memorable.
  • Sterling Teacher Charms
  • Gift Baskets
  • Scented Candles & Accessories
  • Dear Teacher Book- Beautifully written expressions of gratitude for teacher:
    "Dear Teacher...thanks for teaching me that until I respect myself I will have no respect for anyone else. Dear Teacher...thanks for letting me make mistakes and reminding me that learning is learning from them.", etc.
  • Teachers DVD Basket- Teachers DVD Basket features inspiring movies about teachers who made a difference.
  • A Bottle of Fine Wine- Always a welcome gift.
  • Magazine Subscription- A gift which will be appreciated all the year around.

Loving Wishes !
Make your Teacher feel special with this cute 'Teacher's Birthday' ecard.

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Happy Birthday !
A beautiful wish for your Teacher.

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A Coming-Of-Age Mocktail !
A well animated wish for someone special who has just turned 21.

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High On Fun !
A funny ecard for your son/ daughter/ friend/ loved one on his/ her big day.

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Birthday Party Themes For Animal Lovers

For kids or kids at heart that love animals, you can’t miss with birthday party themes that incorporate wildlife. Here are some birthday party themes for animal lovers.

Wild Outback: Kangaroos, koalas, and crocodiles –Create a scene from down under with a paper rock wall, Have compasses on hand for favors and load up on walking sticks for a mini hike. Decorate with stuffed versions of animals from down under or see if you can get a zoomobile.

Water Life Exploration: Use blue cellophane to create a wall of your underwater world. Decorate with plastic fish, octopus, and stingrays. Make your own mini “touch pool” by filling a large plastic tub with sand, water, mock starfish and string rays, and plastic sea anemone. The kids can swim in a large “pool” filled with blue colored balls and mock fish.

Prehistoric Dinosaur World: Go back in time and have a prehistoric dinosaur world party. Have recorded sounds of tyrannosaurus rex and his mighty roar. Create a sand pit and host an archaeological dig for dinosaur bones. Send the kids home with a paper mache “dinosaur egg” filled with candy and plastic dinosaur toys.

A B'day Wish From All !
A doggone special Birthday wish for your loved one/ friend/ colleague.

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Lotsa Sweet Surprises...
Wish someone special with this sweet 'n cute ecard on his/ her Spring Birthday.

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A 'One'derful Birthday !
Send this cute card to your nephew/ niece/ grandchild on his/ her 1st Birthday.

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Have A Bouncing B'day !
A cute ecard to pamper your son/ daughter/ niece/ nephew/ grandchild on his/ her 1st big day !

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On the day of your child’s 1st birthday, you’ll need to keep on hand some items to entertain all of the younger guests. Here is a list of 1st birthday party supplies for you, so when the day of the big event rolls around, you’ll have plenty for your little one’s playmates to keep busy with.

1st birthday supplies like large, colorful plastic balls and plastic containers to practice fine motor skills will keep infants as well as toddlers entertained.
A fabric tunnel and tent to crawl through, walk through, or run through will keep toddlers and younger children busy.
Large, fat, washable crayons and a large roll of white paper for doodling will give a creative outlet for all your younger guests.

Improved Jack-In-The-Box !
Send this gift to your friends/ loved ones and see them smile.

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Take The Cakewalk...
A cute message for a 'Birthday girl'.

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Birthday E-cards For Little Kids

Happy Birthday To You !
Wish your kids/ grandkids/ li'l pals/ loved ones !

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Zoom Off To Fun !
Make your li'l one smile with this interactive ecard.

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Kid's Party Favors

Kid party favors don’t have to be throwaway items or hum drum birthday tokens. You can have kid party favors that the guests will enjoy as much at the party as when they go home. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Party photos – Get a kid’s digital camera, let the birthday child and her guests take pictures. Print out the party photos as keepsakes before everyone leaves.

T-shirts – Buy a number of white t-shirts as favors. Get some fabric spray paint. Let each child create her own design and take home a memento from the party.

Puzzle Sets – Give each child a small, boxed puzzle set to complete. When she’s done, she can take the completed piece to try again at home.

Lego Sets - Buy a complete Lego set which allows each guest to make her own creation. Your guest gets to take home the piece she’s finished.

A Perfect Treat !
A cute interactive ecard to make your friend/ loved one feel special on his/ her B'day.

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B'day Baby !
Wish your friend/ family/ loved one a day that's chock-a-bloc with fun with this cute Birthday message.

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Birthday Ecards For Sports Lovers

Birthday That's A Big Hit !
Reach out to your baseball crazy friend with this animated ecard.

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Slam Dunk !
A peppy ecard to perk up your friend's/ loved one's Birthday

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Birthday cakes are great but one of the best birthday cake ideas ever thought up was the ice cream cake. Yum...the best of both worlds. While many people routinely buy ice cream birthday cakes, they're really not that hard to make. To make your own ice cream cake, follow these instructions:

* Bake two round cakes and cool completely.
* Pull the ice cream out of the freezer and let it soften.
* Cut each cake in half, horizontally, so you have 4 circles.
* Lay down one circle and spread softened ice cream on top.
* Top with another circle and repeat.
* Frost the whole cake with whipped topping and decorate
* Put it back in the freezer until ready to serve.

Get creative with the decorations by using small toys, candy pieces, and sprinkles. And, use food coloring to make the icing any shade you would like.

Birthday Angels !
Reach out to your loved one/ grandchild/ nephew/ niece on his/ her special day with this cute wish.

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