Celebrating Your Easter Birthday Party

Your child is celebrating a birthday around Easter time, make it an "egg-ceptional" Bunny Birthday Party!

Our Party Diva, Diane, has shared wonderful ideas for those children that don't mind celebrating with "the" Bunny... we added some family traditions.

Use a rabbit cookie cutter or make your own template to trace onto construction or flower paper. Cut out and add a cotton ball as the tale, sequins for the eyes and pieces of straw from the kitchen broom for whiskers.

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Loot Bags
Use pastel or brown lunch bags. Leaving them flat from the package, cut down from the top as the center between ears and then fold the top over from the back and glue together. Cut oval shaped ears from pink construction paper and glue on to the bag. Cut out a smaller oval shaped out of yellow construction paper and glue onto the pink. Draw bunny eyes and add straw (kitchen broom) for whiskers. Add two teeth (white construction paper outlined in black) and a cotton ball as the nose to hold it

Birthday Egg Hunt
An Easter egg hunt is a must. Fill plastic eggs with small toys, jelly beans and candies. Make about 12 per guest (color code them so guests hunt for their very own color) to make it fair so everyone gets the same number of eggs. As an added extra we hide a lucky egg with a dollar in it.

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Keep or Choose Game
A fun game that makes all the guests have a great time. Buy a selection of prizes (a Dollar store is great for these). Wrap each one separately and tie with a ribbon. Stack the gifts on the floor. Give each child a plastic egg with a number in it. If you have twelve guests, for example, you'll have twelve numbers. The guests open their eggs up and then go in order of the numbers -- No. 1 is first to select any gift and opens it. No. 2 then has the option of selecting an un-opened gift or taking the gift from No. 1. If No. 1's gift is taken, he/she selects an un-opened gift and unwraps it for everyone to see. Guest No. 3 then can select from the un-opened pile of gifts or can take a gift from either No. 1 or No. 2. The game continues until all the guests have opened a gift. To end the game, Guest No. 1 gets to pick any gift he/she wants and trades with that person. Truly a fun game that drives everyone wild!

More Bunny Birthday Party Games
Egg Roll
Set up a "finish line" at the end of a room. Create two teams of children. First child in each team has to push a plastic egg on the floor with their noses. When they reach the finish line, the child stands up, picks up the plastic egg and runs back to the next person on their team. Play continues until everyone on a team has rolled the egg with their nose -- they are the winners!

Where's My Egg?
Using a permanent marking pen, personalize plastic eggs and fill with candy. Hide these eggs in the yard and tell the children they must find only the egg with their name on it


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