Cool Ideas For Summer Birthdays

Hey !! It's summer once again ! Got a great summer birthday party idea to share with you. Do you have a pool or access to a great swimming spot, that could be the coolest place to organize a summer birthday bash. The kids love to play with water and as an added bonus, everyone can eat a picnic lunch outside with no crumbs or sticky spots for you to clean up indoors. So here you go !! Pool Party Pointers
• Ask guests to bring their own towels (to minimize postparty laundry) and hand out plastic trash bags for toting wet things home.
• Set up a big self-serve cooler filled with cold beverages.
• Have plenty of sunscreen on hand.


A Splashy Bash
This clever invite turns into a mini aquarium--just remove the paper wave from the plastic bag, pour in water, and presto, the expanding sponge capsules become sea creatures that beckon you to a fantastic pool party. To make the invitation, trim a piece of blue paper to fit loosely inside a sealable sandwich bag. Cut a wavy pattern across the top. Print the party info on the front. On the back, write: "Remove this card, pour in 1 cup of warm water, and seal the bag." Seal the wave in the bag with a few sponge capsules (sold in most craft stores).

Poolside T-Shirts
Start off the festivities with a quick project that lets guests use fabric markers to transform T-shirts into hip cover-ups they can wear later when they get out of the pool.

Sunny Smile Photos
This photo opportunity is sure to bring on warm smiles--and provide the kids with some fun party mementos.

Cardboard Palm Tree
Laden with balloon coconuts, this tropical tree helps set the party mood and serves as a centerpiece to pile birthday presents under.

Frosty Free-for-all
Counting your cubes before they melt is the key to success in this invigorating cool-off game.
What you need:
Two large plastic bowls or a small pails (one for each team)
Large bag of ice cubes
Inflated pool doughnut
Swimming pool
For each team, nestle a large plastic bowl or a small pail in the center of an inflated pool doughnut and set it afloat in the pool (another option is to shape a foam noodle into a ring and secure it with a rubber band).
Once everyone's in the water, quickly dump a large bag or two of ice cubes into the center of the pool.
The team that gets the most cubes in its bucket within 3 minutes wins. If it's extra hot out, you may have to limit the time to 2 minutes or less.

Rubber Duck Races
In this swimming race, the victor always wins by a nose--that's because contestants use their noses to nudge bobbing toy ducks all the way to the finish. First, make the ducks for the race.

Poolside Lunch: Grill burgers or hot dogs and serve with Goldfish crackers, fresh fruit salad, and bake the Snorkeler Cake or the Pool Party Cake.
Swimming Send-offs: "Wave" good-bye with grab bags filled with inexpensive sunglasses, bubble solution, and rolls of Life- Savers candies.


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