Birthday Greeting Cards

If you're a theater-goer, I'm sure attending a birthday party stands like attending one of major plays of Harold Pinter. To your kid a birthday party is like a real blast and is a day of getting showered with all millions of wonderful wishes and getting wonderful gifts. Anyway, what I'm looking at it is that it's a grand get together with all the family members and relative, friends and folks gather at the party floor and waltz around with the unforgettable traditional birthday songs.

Now comes the question when actually receiving and giving birthday cards came into the scene! Wondering? The fact is really going to wonder you with surprise. The tradition of receiving and giving birthday cards and birthday flowers span back to a time of Egyptian civilization when the wishes used to be written on the papyrus leaves and it took another long span of time to reach the person. The modern birthday greeting cards, however first came into the scene just a bit over 100 years ago in England. And today it has been estimated to be over 2 billion birthday greeting cards are sent every year, while another great part of the population are concentrating more on Happy Birthday ecards. Make a generous birthday wish if you know someone whose birthday is very near and let him or her know how much you are missing him or her on the birthday.


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