Birthday Gift Ideas on Holi

Hey friends! Today I’ll share with you guys something that I came across quite by chance. Last year around this time, I was invited by Dan on his birthday bash at Pembroke Pines, Florida. There I came across an Indian community. They were celebrating a festival of colors. People were smeared with colors, the actual color of their clothes hardly identifiable. Water balloons were being hurled at each other and they were having an absolute blast! To my utter surprise I asked one of them what they were doing. I was told they were celebrating an Indian festival called Holi. I wanted to have some color on me and that was how I mingled up with them.

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This time I want to gift my friend something that also carries the essence of this festival of colors. If you have a friend whose birthday is just round the corner, here are some birthday gift ideas that I would like to share with you. These can accompany birthday cards which contain a colorful, yet moving message.

Gift that dear friend a colorful t-shirt that could make him or her feel the spirit of spring, which is also the season of colors.

Happy Birthday Chocolate Box
If your friend loves to freak out on chocolates, indulge him or her with a pack of chocolate for birthday that has a high yummy quotient. Make sure it is wrapped in multi-hued paper to catch the essence of Holi.

Birthday Flowers
What better idea than lively birthday gift flowers which speak for themselves as well as for you! They are unique in expressing those sweet, tender emotions that you want your friend to feel on his or her birthday.

Birthday Cakes
If you are into cooking, cast a spell on your friend by gifting him a home-baked cake. It could be a Lime-lemon Cake like I gifted Dan or Cheese Strawberry Cake or any other recipe that you can rustle up.

If you are staying away, you can send across an Aries birthday greetings card or chocolate birthday card that will spread a smile across your friend’s face. Add some color to his or her birthday celebrations by reaching out with Holi greetings.

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