My friend Justin wants to plan for a surprise 50th birthday party for her father and wanted some original fun ideas. She wants to go for a sort of a theme, but the "over the hill" has been in so much of use that its really a boring theme for her ... so for me too. So we planned to reject it.

I suggested her to go for "back to the teen", a typical theme that I found when Dave threw a birthday party to celebrate his mom's 50th birthday the last year. It was a good idea and not very common. He had 1950's theme. The invitation read :

"Let me let you know
my mom's approaching the 50 years milestone.
I would like you to be our guest
on my mom's 50th birthday party
We'll be going back to 50s on this special day!"

He encouraged the guests to come dressed in 50s fashion and he also had purchased a few cheap stuffs so his mom could dress herself in 50s style. She was in white canvas shoes and dressed herself with clothes in funky shades and notably the bright red lipstick.

Most of the gifts were related to 50s style and the most lovable gift was presented by Dave's father. An antique wrist watch of 50s fashion. Wow!



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