Visualizing myself on my 50th birthday

Ok, now it wouldn't be a bad idea to visualize myself on my 50th birthday! When the guests were standing round the table and Dave's mom was blowing off those 50 candles, I was thinking of whether I'd be able to put them off all by a single blow, when I'd turn 50. What all would I want my spouse and my children to say about me on the very special day? How would my place be adorned? What all would I have in the menu for my special guests? Oops!!

Well, I would like to invite all my childhood friends on my 50th birthday party and have a grand enjoyment ... me, my family and my friends. A picnic, I mean. The menu would include a special ice cream, specially prepared by my spouse with love and care. Hot dogs cannot be forgotten ..... I like it very much. Other items in the menu would be as per the choices of my wife and children. I would want my children to take the responsibility of inviting guests and arrange things for the party and would like to buy surprise gifts for my darling, my children and my special guests. How's that?


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