Celebrating 18th birthday With Cinderella Theme

If you are going to be 18 years old, I know that you're planning for a grand birthday party. If your budget is not that much of a constraint, you can go for a Cinderella birthday party theme. It's a perfect way to celebrate because you are going to step into a special phase of life. The world should now know how beautiful you are. Make sure that you are going to be wished with lots of wonderful birthday wishes by inviting lots of people. You can even tell them the party theme and have them dressed up as different characters from Cinderella - you can have a costume ball!

Get yourself prepared with some of the specialized costumes for your birthday. The sooner you plan the better, because you should have enough time on your hand to search for the right birthday party favors for yourself. Get your birthday decorations according to the theme.

Dress: You should dress yourself up as Cinderella in a beautiful white gown with a long trail, septer, gloves, crown and obviously a classy pair of shoes. Don't forget about the Cinderella tiara and jewelry.

Horse: If you want to be extravagant you can rent a white horse and carriage – with a driver so your friends can ride around. This would be great to photograph and preserve the memories.

Birthday Party Decoration: Decorate the house in pastel white and pink. Colored papers, streamers and balloons will give an aesthetic touch to your decoration. Place them anywhere that strike your fancy. Choice of colors is very important out here. For Cinderella themed decoration use colors like white, light pink, faint blue, lavender and faded cream. Try having Cinderella table cloths with matching napkins, plates and centerpiece decors.

The decorations should make your little guests feel that they have walked into a real fairy tale world.

Birthday Invitation : The mode of invitation should be in accordance to the party theme. Try sending invitation a couple of weeks before the party. Buy some Invitation cards that should be of any of the Cinderella colors. Chose a perfect font like the Old English font and write the invitation like royal invites.

The King wishes to invite you on Princess ---- 18th Birthday party.
Place: ...........
Date : ......; Time: .......

Birthday Cake: Order a castle cake. A regular birthday cake may not be appropriate for the Cinderella themed party so have more fun with a cake that looks like a castle!

Cinderella's Ball: Don't forget the Cinderella ball. A Cinderella party is worth meaningless without a royal Cinderella ball! Play the soundtrack from Cinderella and waltzes so that your guests can enjoy waltzing around. They must freeze on hearing the chime of the clock when it strikes 12!

Cinderella Party Favor: This is again very important. You can strike your special guests with sudden surprise by giving them cute Cinderella favor as a token of your gratitude for their presence on your very special day. You can fill up the cute little pink organza with gourmet cookies and some chocolates. A pink rose with that would just be a real blast.


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