Wishing Happy Birthday To Mandy Bruno – September 20th

Are you a fan of Mandy Bruno ? I have a great news for you. September 20th is Mandy's birthday. Yes, I'm going to wish her on her birthday but I don't know how yet. A lot of ideas are in my head right now and sending a cute ecard is one of them.

What do you think of that? Guess how I became a mad fan of hers? It's not because of her figure, it's because my mom used to watch Guiding Light a lot and I really liked how she played Marina Cooper in there.

Anyway, I'll be sending her a cute birthday ecard and I've already chosen it because Mandy's birthday is just close at the hand. Ok now, if any one out there like me, planning to wish her on her 26th birthday, I would like you to share your ideas with me. Just be ready - lets wish her together.


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