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Have you ever thought of a Birthday on Oktoberfest? Just imagine how the bash would go with a birthday celebration on Oktoberfest. Wait a bit... let me tell you about the bast that I and my peeps had this weekend! Yes... time was frozen with fun for a couple of days; it stood still and those fifteen naive souls were totally enslaved by beauty and tranquility broken by sounds of water splashes every now and then.

We had a long drive out to the Miami Beach. We've been planning a drive out for some time but time was not allowing us to make things happen. Lastly, this weekend revealed tons of opportunities to get washed away by waves of fun! I didn't take my Ford, I wasn't feeling like driving. All I need to do was to enjoy the world running backward, paving the way for us to rush forward, away from the hectic schedule of life. We rented an SUV. John has always been a crazy guy. He hardly cares about beauty that this planet offers for us to enjoy! He has always been the first one to step into the discussion, whenever it came to driving - be it a short or a long drive! This time we can't ignore the call of the beach. We drove out to Miami beach and had really a gorgeous weekend after a long span of time.

When the sparkles of the fun is still glittering in our heart, I got another big chance to make another real blast this Oktoberfest. It's Alec's birthday on September 20th and I got an opportunity to manage the party. I've planned to make it a two-in-one celebration, an Oktoberfest birthday party! I have planned to make it a beer party too. Alec has a bit higher budget, and he's planning to throw a big party. I'm planning to hold the part alfresco, as they make it in Munich. The guests should rock around with the German tunes and they will be given kazoos to play along. There will be some large kegs of German beer and they are going to be served with some traditional German dishes.

I am sure, their appetites will be magnified multiple times with the yummy smell of springerle in the crisp autumn weather; we need to go overboard while planning for the quantities. I have already collected a springerle rolling pin, although its pretty tough to find these days. There's going to be another dessert recipe out of an old Betty Crocker cookbook dated 1969 - Strawberry Bavarian Cream. I am sure this is going to be a great fun for Alec and his guests. Let's see how the birthday bash goes. Wishing you guys a very Happy Oktoberfest.

Stay tuned... I will be coming up with the a post on how to make Strawberry Bavarian Cream.

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