Inexpensive Teen Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for ideas to plan a teen birthday party? There are countless possibilities, depending on your budget, party size, and interests. Here is a wonderful compilation of teen birthday party ideas for every kind of budget consideration:

Beach Bonfire:
Budget: Low

Get there in the late afternoon and hold a mini sand castle building contest. As the sun sets, roast marshmallows, pack some picnic grub, sit around a beach bonfire, and tell stories. It’s easy, low-cost, and fun.

Survivor Party:
Budget: Moderate

Pick out an “exotic locale” and send out invitations accordingly. Decorate with items like tiki torches and tropical greenery. Have party members divide up into tribes. Set up games like having the tribes compete to build their own shelters and do a neighborhood scavenger hunt. Don’t forget to feed the famished islanders – a sampling of Hawaiian food will do the trick.

Concert Party-
Budget: High

Pick the favorite band of your choice, invite several of your closest friends, and get front row tickets to see a concert. Rent a limo to take everyone to a meal before hand and cruise the town after the concert before heading home. If you’re really diligent, you can secure backstage passes by going through the band’s fan club or a radio show. For favors, pass out a goody bag with CD’s from the band, concert t-shirts, and posters.

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