March 8 - its her birthday and international women's day too. Quite an important day isn't it? Women have called us men insensitive and unemotional...well now is the time to prove them wrong. But first, here are some hard facts about us. We men tend to make tons of promises to our gals as soon as we enter a relationship. But slowly instead of learning to appreciate the little things she does for us and fulfill our promises, we start taking her for granted. Yes, women need love, affection and quite a lot of pampering too. But more than that, they need to sense respect and feel understood in a relationship. Never take your lady for granted because that is when you start treating her like any other common individual but mind you, she is neither common nor divine, she is a beautiful being who fills your life with happiness, love and a desire to live for others not just oneself. Be it a mother, a daughter, sister, wife or girlfriend, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all these immensely valuable women in our lives a happy women's day. As for those whose birthday falls on the same day, here are some tips that will help the men to make this day special and unforgettable for them.

  • Gift wrap a wishbone in a jewelry box-Send it to her office with a note that says,"You are my life, I wish you were here."
  • Don't just walk into the house tonight the way you always do. Pause on the porch; ring the doorbell; and greet her with one red rose and a bottle of champagne. Dress up for dinner at home. Tuxedo for him, evening gown for her.Hire a pianist to play during a romantic dinner at home.
  • Practice creating "Variations on a Theme" for generating romantic ideas - Start with "greeting cards": Buy one; buy a hundred! Make some yourself. Send one-a-day for a week, send one-a-day for a month! Frame some cards that she's given you or buy ten pounds of her favorite candy. Fill her shoes with them; fill her purse, her glove compartment, her pillow. Send it to her at work. Spell out words with it. Create trails throughout the house with it.
  • On your lover's birthday, send a "thank you" card to her mother for bringing her into this world .

For more wonderful tips on how to create magic on this special day check out this amazing Women's Day Blog

A Day That's Real Special...
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It's Your Birthday Too...
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