30th Birthday Party Ideas

Who says you grow old when you step into your 30s. The moment people turn 30, they start getting nostalgic about their 20s. I would say that now is the time when we begin to understand the true essence of life. So, jazz up your party and do away with all the birthday blues by taking a look at these scintillating party themes.
Casino Nights – Bring out the dice, playing cards, and craps table too. Have an evening with friends, cocktails and roll out the fancy buffet.

Arcade Afternoon – Set up air hockey, football table, and traditional arcade games. Keep the dining requirements simple – chips and dip, pizza, and sodas will complete the arcade experience.

A Posh Affair – Have guests dressed up to the nines, turn your humble home into a swanky pad, and bring out the fine wines. Don’t forget formal invitations and the classy tunes.

Climbing Adventure – Not afraid of heights? Have the gang climb a rock wall for a height defying experience. You can book time on location or have a mobile rock wall come out to you. Be sure to serve an elaborate picnic lunch your hungry guests as well.

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