Daveigh Themed Birthday Gift

Since when it was released on June 27th 2006, Daveigh Chase's “Leroy and Stitch” has been one of the favorite movies of mine and Harry's. Harry's Birthday is on 24th July and suddenly I remembered that Daveigh Chase, who's supposed to be Harry's favorite actress, was also born on 24th of July 1990. Cool!! I did not need to think more as to what should I gift Harry to strike him with wonder. How good if I gift him a wonderful collection of some of Daveigh Chase's good films?

“Leroy and Stitch”, “The Ring Two”, “Carolina”, “Lilo and Stitch”, “Artificial Intelligence: A.I.” and “Hunted Lighthouse” are some of the films DVD that I have planned to gift my dearest little brother Harry on his 19th birthday. And I call it the Daveigh themed birthday gift. Isn't that a great idea?


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