Christine's Chocolate Custard for Me

wine day, glass of wine a day, wine a day, bottle of wine a day, wine per day, mother's day wine, wine every dayFriends... something really interesting happened yesterday and I cannot resist my temptation talking to you about it. I will never forget May 4th 2008. I was feeling a bit low and went for a walk yesterday but headed back home early. I was hanging on my couch with all the notes on the art of wine making that I got from Jack. Wine Day is right around the corner (May 25th) and Uncle Fred's birthday is on May 18th. I thought I should get myself ready to give him a surprise. Why not celebrating the Wine Day a little in advance on Fred's birthday?

I saw Rex rushing towards the door wagging his tail. Just when got up to see who it was, I heard Christine calling Rex, asking him to open the door. Did she come to meet me or Rex? I opened the door and we had a great surprise... "Hey Mike, I cooked something for you and Rex," she said with a bright smile on her face. This was the first time that she surprised me. I didn't know that she was a good cook, too. Rex was so happy... he probably knew that Christine was a great cook!

"Why can't we celebrate Chocolate Custard Day a day earlier?" said Christine. Chocolate custard! My mouth started watering. She went to my kitchen, took out two plates. Rex followed her in the kitchen, stood on his two legs trying to lick Christine's face. She said, "I bought a special treat for you, Rex". She served the custard to me on a plate and kept half for herself. She said "Mike, you have it first... I'm sure you will like it. I made it myself." Rex finished off his treat in two big gulps, wagging his tail. It might be really delicious! Now it was my turn to taste the chocolate custard.

I was shocked. It was really tasteless. I wondered if she had added salt instead of sugar! It was the tough to swallow. Was it the time to prove how much I loved her? She had that bright smile on her face... "Yes Mike, how is it? I know you will love it! This was the first time I cooked something and I made it just for you. It was a great experience cooking a special dish for someone special!"

Stay tuned to learn how I handled the situation...

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