We dropped the Plan For South Beach

John and I visited Rachel's place yesterday. We found her mom lying on the couch. Rachel said that the doctor had asked her to take a rest. Her mom's on medication... she was feeling better yesterday than the day before. "That's good news. Are there any food restrictions?" John asked. Dr. Samuel wants her to lead a healthy lifestyle, which means she has to avoid spicy or oily foods, and junk food. Salt -- as little as possible!

"And what about her morning walk?" he asked again. I knew that he would ask some typical jock question. But that seemed like a good idea I felt. Rachel replied, "Dr. Samuel said that Mom should go for walk every morning... but this is not the right time. She's not in a condition to go out." Her condition was not as good as it seemed to be. It was just a rise in blood pressure, but it's a case complicated with cardiovascular disease. Rachel looked tremendously worried about it. She said that Dr. Samuel referred her mom to a specialist.

I told Rachel that we dropped the plan of going to South Beach until her mother is completely healthy. I will stay with her during this difficult time. "Me too", said John "as long as I'm here". Rachel smiled and thanked us. I hope Rachel's mom gets well soon! This is not a problem with Rachel's mom alone. You never know when something like this could happen in your own family. Just the thought made me miss my mother more than ever.

It suddenly reminded me of Will Rogers, who said "Mothers are the only race of people that speak the same tongue." They will always say "I'm fine dude... don't worry about me..." just to keep their kids from worrying, but I wonder! I'm really worried!

Since the day I got the news of Rachel's mom, every day turned out to be a Mothers Day for me. Each fine morning, I send a Mothers Day card to my mom and get back a bright 'Hello' in return.

I can't visit Rachel's mom every day, but I'm going to send her a "get well soon" card each morning. Click on these thumbs and check out these cards....

Say 'Hi' to your mom

Happy Healing! A real cute healing wish for your friend/family/loved one.
Sending A Li'l Angel Wish... A cute get well message for your family/friends/loved ones.

'Get Well Soon'! A sunny 'Get Well Soon' message for someone really special.
A Bouquet Of Wishes... A touching ecard for your friend/loved one who isn't in the best of health.


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