Uncle Fred's Love Turns 50 this May Day

May Day is here with all the fresh notes and lively tunes in the air. The Henry Reeves Park, where I usually walk Rex, seems to adorn with fresh new colors. We met Uncle Fred and Elsa today again. Rex was so happy playing with Elsa... running and chasing each other, rolling around the lush green grass. What better way they could greet the summer?

Uncle Fred seemed a bit low today, mentally -- not physically. Whenever I feel the bitterness of this big world getting to me, this 52 years young man would always come up with some simple, yet inspiring words and would put me back on track. This is the first time I felt that he required some help. I couldn't help asking him if there's something wrong. He stared at me for a couple of seconds and said, "Mike, I'm holding on to something that used to be there, hoping it will come back, knowing it won't.... ever." I did not get what he exactly meant. He said, "Can you help me reach out to my old friends in Illinois and South Dakota with my thoughts? I'm missing those lost touches." Solution was there ready with me -- fortunately. I couldn't miss the chance to help Einstein solving an equation.

But before I said anything, he suddenly recalled someone called Honey (he did not tell me the actual name)... probably his teenage love, who's turning 50 this May Day (today). He wants to give her a great surprise. He wants to let her know that he still loves her and dying to be with her this special day. Be it helping Einstein to solve an equation or showing light to the Lord, it was a really an awesome experience putting smile on that wrinkled face. Just click away these thumbs to find all that I showed him. Stay tuned to see what's coming up next!

For Honey's Birthday

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For Uncle Fred's Friends

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