Birthday Gift Ideas For Sport Lovers

So Christine's birthday bash turned out really great at South Beach. We had all the fun that we could have on that day. I wish I could have taken Rex with me but he's still not fully cured... he is much better. Anyways, there's always the next time. Guess what? John is coming for a visit after such a long time. the last time I saw him was in August, 2006 when I went to visit my parents in Houston. August 2nd is his birthday and I was fortunate to be there with him on the day but not with a gift. He is coming to my place the next week and I'm planning another drive along with my peeps, John, Rex, and Christine (obviously) to South Beach once again. Rex will be completely healthy by then, I hope.

I am also planning to buy a gift for him, because I couldn't give him anything on his birthday when I met him last. What would be the right pick for a sports fanatic like John? He's been such a good friend of mine since my days at BMS. It reminds me of the days when we used to play baseball together. His love for speed used to match with mine and we often raced bikes.

This time, I've decided to go ahead without Uncle Fred's help. John leads a fast life... he always loves speed. He's not a guy to sit quietly on the couch and listen to Bach or some soul-searching hipster chick. I don't want to slow him down, either. I'm planning to buy an iPod for John. He will surely enjoy tunes on move! Is there any better way to put rhythm to speed? I'm looking for really good birthday gift ideas for a sports lover like John.

This time I going to arrange things in a bit different way. I remember I received an invitation ecard from one of my friends for his birthday party. It was really amazing. I'm going to use it to invite my friends for the get together. Let's see how it works! Here's the invitation that I got a week ago. Send this to call over your pals for your next dinner party. I'm sure they are going to love the way you've invited them.

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