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I wonder how Uncle Fred stays so young at heart! Christine's birthday celebration is still at the planning stage, although it is almost around the corner. She is looking for some birthday favor ideas for her guests. This gray haired gentleman, Fred, is a one-stop solution for all gift and favor ideas.

I just went out to the park alone today to meet Uncle Fred. I did not take Rex -- he is not well. I wanted to talk to him about the birthday favor ideas. "Give out Gob Hats or Captain’s Hats to the guests as soon as they arrive," he said. It was a great idea but I liked the second option even better. He suggested giving the guests something to treasure – a Seashell Gel Candle favor. This would be a really nice nautical birthday party favor to give out to Christine's guests so they can remember the party fun long after it is over. The flickering flame of the candle would remind them of Christine's birthday bash even months after the party... I'm sure. Christine's birthday is on April 23rd and we are really looking for more ideas on birthday party favors. I would be glad to post your comments with more ideas on nautical birthday party favors.

Rachel is creating a special birthday recipe. She’s made some amazing meals, even though she is not a trained cook. She is going to surprise Christine with her special birthday recipe. She wants to keep it a secret. Even I am not allowed to know anything about it before April 23rd. As soon as the party is over, you will also come to know about it here. Believe me, with her recipe you can impress the guests at your next dinner party, too. Stay tuned for my next post!

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