My Birthday Gift For Christine

Ahh! It's was a grand party and the fun was in full swing. There's nothing better I could have enjoyed better than this -- amidst the craziness of South Beach. I'm not sure what I should start off with. I was the first one to step in to Christine's place with my gift -- as I'd hoped to be. A million thanks to my Ford! On the way I bought some red roses, too, for her -- not the full bloomed ones, rosebuds. I reached her place by 7:00 in the morning, hoping to surprise Christine. She opened the door wondering who would be at her doorstep so early in the morning. She burst out with joy, held my hand and pulled me in. I extended to her the bunch of rose buds, but she knew that was not the only gift... her surprise was still waiting for her. She smiled and asked me "What are you hiding Mike? Show me what else you have for me..." That wasn't the smile I was looking for on her face. I couldn't tell her that. I gave her the box wrapped in a gorgeous paper and sang "happy Birthday" to her. This was the first time in my life I wished I could sing like John Lennon. I usually prefer rock.

I saw a different smile on her face as I gave her the box. This wasn't that smile either! She unpacked it and cried out with utter joy as she found the bronze-finished pod of playful dolphins leaping through the crests of waves. She cried "Wow! This is amazing... this is so beeeaaautiful, Mike". She smiled and said, "You know Mike, I still want to have them as pets". I was sure my gift would remind her of our first meeting at the Miami seaquarium on September 15. She really liked her birthday gift. I could see the happiness and joy on her face as she was setting it on top of her piano, although she was silent. It was really a memorable moment in my life and for Christine too... I hope. A sudden screeching sound of car brakes broke the silence. It was almost 8:30. Tim, Rachel, Sam, Susan, Ron and Fiona rushed inside and our party literally started. I'm sure you want to know about Rachel's special recipe for Christine's birthday party. Just stay tuned to know about it. She didn't let us open it until we reached South Beach.

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