Christine's Birthday Party At South Beach

We set out for South Beach at about 8:45 in the morning. My Ford and Sam's convertible were ready to go. We planned to stop at Azul's Cuisine, where I work... just to pick some snacks and drinks. I couldn't help ordering the 'Rainbow of Oysters', which is one of the best dishes at Azul's. The breathtaking view of Biscayne Bay from inside the restaurant made it feel really different from other days... probably because we were in a party mood. We followed the Bay Road and reached there by around 9:30 or so.

This was the first time for me to party at South Beach. As we sat in one of the sidewalk cafes along Ocean Drive, I was looking out at some of the sexiest people in the world with the turquoise ocean in the background. I couldn't help but realize that this is the best place in the world for such a party. People seemed to be too busy soaking in the tranquil beach scene and this is probably a reason why everything was running a little late for us in South Beach. 24 hours of crazy musical fusion keeps the restaurants and cafes bustling with rhythm. Naturally, Cuban-American is most popular... I found.

We had some really yummy yet simple dishes... Good food was everywhere, but a little expensive. A simple lunch including seafood ran us around $50 each. It was really beyond our expectation. However it was really an enjoyable moment and Christine seemed so happy to be with us away from the hectic hustle of life. A surprise was still waiting for us -- especially Christine. Rachel rushed into the car and took out her birthday gift. Christine tried to guess what it could be. She guessed it to be another Dolphin pod... probably, and opened it with another shriek of surprise. It was a Cherry Cheesecake. Yes, April 23rd was Cherry Cheesecake Day and there couldn't have been any other better way to celebrate the day than this. It was a twin celebration for us at South Beach and I will never forget it, nobody can, I hope.
I'm really interested to share the recipe with you. I know some of your are eager to know how to make the cake. I will be meeting Rachel again and I'm going to take that from her. Stay tuned...

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