Leonardo da Vinci Birthday Wishes - Birthday Comments

Hi friends! If it is your birthday today, then you have a reason to celebrate and a reason to despair! First let me talk about the reason to celebrate. Its Fast Food Day - a day to eat ravenously and indulge yourself in all that junk food you have been avoiding to cut down the calories. Just forget the dietitian's chart and gorge on anything you want to have. It will also help you feel good on the day when you feel the most important - your birthday!

The reason to despair is that it is Tax Day! I'm sure you have been waiting for the filing deadline! So great cracking before the authorities do so! Though the day occasionally falls on Patriot's Day, this time it is not so. People having birthdays on the day, well, my sympathies with you, but don't cut down on the birthday expenditures!

If you are born on this date, you share your birthday with Leonardo da Vinci. you also share your birthday with Mr. Wilson - my next-door neighbor. I'm longing to sing Happy Birthday to you for sixty years old young guy.

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