Christine's Birthday Party at South Beach

Hi friends! The wait is over. Today's Christine's birthday and I'm ready with her birthday gift. It's still not the time to reveal what I have for her. But I'm sure she will be delighted with surprise as soon as she would get it. My gift will surely reminded her of our first meeting, when she was staring at the dolphins at Miami Seaquarium, lost in thought. She was probably thinking of having one as a pet. I am just waiting for the moment to come when I will be at her doorstep with the gift. I'm really longing to see her bursting out with surprise with my gift in her hand. I am also eager to know what Rachel is bringing for her. She's supposed to create a special birthday recipe for Christine.

I need to freak out for the party as soon as possible; I want to be the first one to knock her door and shower her with all my good wishes this special day. There's another reason why I'm in hurry. We are going to drive out to South Beach. A party with the energy and dynamics of South Beach is going to be full of enthusiasm and that's what we are looking for.

I gotta go now... just stay tuned to know how Christine's birthday bash turns out.

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