18th Birthday Gift Ideas

Someone really close to you is about to step into adulthood. But you are still undecided about the gift. Well, time to belt up and enjoy the joyride down this wonderful alley strewn with the best and the most amazing birthday gift ideas that will make that jewel of a smile sparkle on the 18 year olds face.
Coins- Eighteenth birthday marks a young person's coming-of-age, so many parents/ grandparents wish to give them a special gift which will be of lasting value. A coin bearing their year of birth is an increasingly popular gift.

Surfing lessons- The session on the beach will cover: basics of riding a surfboard and how to catch a wave, surf awareness and ocean conditions (rips, currents, tides). The focus is to introduce the beginner surfer to the pure thrill and addiction of surfing a great wave, also to educate students on the dangers of swimming and surfing in the ocean and the importance of fitness and safety.

Trendy Clocks- We, if your teen is moving out to live on her own, these trendy clocks will come in handy. Wish Box-This is one of the most beautiful and the most thoughtful of all the gifts you can ever gift to anyone. The recipient can write any of his wishes on the scroll and keep it safely in the box with a dandelion seed until the wish comes true!

Wrist watch- Naturally if it’s for a guy – he would prefer a style more in keeping with his masculinity. On the other hand, if it’s meant for a young lady; she would like something elegant, more on the lines of a bracelet.

Electronics and Computer Accessories also make good birthday gifts that are valued for their utility especially in an 18 year old’s fast paced lifestyle.They would love digicams too.

Branded clothes and leather accessories will never go out of vogue. Give the young man or the young lady a stylish jacket or a swanky hand bag.

Music CDs- Wow Hits 2007- 30 of the year's top Christian artists and hits.

Road Trip FM transmitter and charging cradle for iPod inside the car- Plug Road Trip into your dashboard power socket and listen to your iPod on your car's stereo system! Serves as a convenient cradle and charger for any iPod.

Netflix subscription that will ensure they can watch their favorite films without rushing to the DVD parlor to buy them all the time.

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