18th Birthday Party Ideas

Just a few weeks remaining before your teen turns 18 and heads towards college. For them its scary but exciting as well. Time for you to start making plans to celebrate their birthday in a style they will remember and cherish forever.
For an all guys’ party, a local sports court would make a great party place. If all your guests are crazy about sports, organize a match with prizes at the end.

Create a children’s birthday party for these soon to be adults. Rent a bubble machine, a fog machine and a bouncer for them. Organize a few contests say with paddle balls, or a bubble gum blowing contest. You can even arrange for sack races or musical chairs. Blow up balloons, tie them to the their ankles and ask them to burst each other's without using their hands. Stack your table with lots of hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, cheese strings and so on.

If it is an all girls’ party, with only the friends of the birthday girl, a salon party would be ideal! Take the girls for a beauty massage, spa and make over session before they enter college.

Set up an Italian theme- Transform your patio into an Italian cafe. Rent four round tables and white bistro style wrought iron chairs, cover the tables with red and white checkered table cloths andlay white square linen on top. Place a small crystal bud vase with a red rose and votive candle on the tables. You can also arrange for some statues and columns to place around the edge of the patio. Hire a violin player to plat some beautiful music. Put on some cool Italian songs later for all to dance till they drop.

Menu: Homemade spaghetti and meatballs, ravioli with red sauce, shells stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach and garlic bread sticks with a side of red sauce for dipping, red wine for the adults, grape juice or soda for the youngsters and chocolate canoli for desert.

If your teen's favorite rock star is in town, get the tickets and send your child there with friends to party all night.

Arrange a huge stage in your backyard. Decorate the place with balloons, streamers and other party accessories. Tell the guests to come dressed in their wildest best costumes. Make them stand up on the stage, explain why they chose that particular costume and do a jig on their favorite number. Encourage them to speak about their experience interacting with your child and see the blushing smile and joy bloom on your 18 year olds face.

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