Birthday Gift Wrap Ideas- Part I

What pleases the eye, pleases the soul.
The value of a gift increases tenfold when it is wrapped beautifully. Here are a few tips that will help you wrap your loved one's birthday gift in a way that will make them eager to find out whats in it.

Photo Gift Wrap
Turn family photos into gift wrap for small packages. Arrange the color snapshots on a piece of 11 x 17-inch white paper and tack them in place with loops of adhesive tape. Copy the collage on a color copier as many times as desired for gift wrap. (Remember to choose the 11 x 17-inch paper tray when you begin copying.)

Jewelry Wraps
Wrapping paper in a solid color or small print, Tape, Ribbon, Scissors, Brooch

Cover a gift box with wrapping paper. Using a long length of ribbon, place the center of the ribbon vertically at the point where you want the ribbons to intersect on the front of the gift box. 2. Bring the ribbon tails around to the back of the package. Twist once and bring the ribbon ends horizontally around to the front. Knot the ends and trim the tails if needed. Pin a floral brooch to the knot in the ribbon.

Skip the Wrap

The fastest way to present a gift is to skip the wrapping paper altogether. This is the best solution for large items or gifts such as plants and flowers. Add a bow and gift tag and you're done

For more birthday gift wrap ideas, tune in tomorrow.

Wrapped Myself Up !
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