Birthday Gift Wrap Ideas - Part II

I begin from where I left off yesterday. Birthday gift wrapping is fun and you can also involve kids who often end up coming up with amazing and very creative ideas. Here are some more ideas that will make gift wrapping a joyful experience.

Basic Bow
Spool of wired ribbon, Scissors, Pipe cleaner

Fold ribbon back, making strands approximately 7 inches long, or another desired length. Fold until there are three loops on each end. After the final loop is made, bring the ribbon to the center of the bow and curl around in a loop in the center, leaving a tail hanging downward. While still holding center loop in place, insert a pipe cleaner into the center loop and around to the back of the bow, tying in place. Trim the ends at an angle and shape each bow loop uniformly.

String and Tiny Trims
Keep a box of colored twine, string, or ribbons to use on small gifts. Embellish the boxes even more by gluing on miniature trees or tiny wooden cutouts from a craft store.

Quick Sparkle Wraps
Give the birthday gifts a special shine with glitter. Glue on shaped glitter or sprinkle it into a clear cello bag, right along with your gift. Sheer ribbon or tulle complete the look in any color or style you prefer.

Natural Gift Wrap:
You can collect natural leaves and glue them on a white sheet of wrapping paper. Add some lovely colorful flowers to the same and then wrap the gift with this beautiful natural gift wrap.

Modern Cool Gift Wrap
White handmade paper, scissors, tape.
To decorate:
Blue handmade paper, lace ribbon, floral petites, gold card.
Use white handmade paper to wrap your gift.Wrap a band of blue handmade paper around the wrapped gift. Embellish with lace ribbon and floral petites, finishing with a gold gift card.

Garnished Gifts
You'll find these clever boxes at craft stores. They match the look of the utilitarian take-out container, but are either clear, frosted, or printed with nice designs. Plop your gift inside and you have an instantly wrapped gift.

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