Birthday Games

Games keep the guests entertained and make the day a non stop fun-filled bonanza. It should match the taste of the guests as well as the Birthday person. A Birthday Game makes a Birthday party special and unique. Some of the famous Birthday party games are, Guess the Price, Pass the Parcel and Musical Statues.
Guess the Price is a very simple and interesting game; here the host picks up a gift item according to the age group of the guests and then asks him to tell the price. If he reaches near to the actual cost then he gets the gift.
Pass the Parcel is a very fanciful game. A gift item wrapped in several layers of paper is passed from one to another. Each time the parcel reaches someone, he has to open a layer and the last one to open it gets the gift.
Musical Statues is a very dynamic game often played in a kids Birthday party. Some music will be played and the kid has to dance on it till the music stops. He’ll have to stand in his dancing position and if he moves he’ll be out.
Mummy wrap is also an exciting game. Here, the kids will be divided into two groups and to each group will be given a person along with a roll of toilet papers. They have to wrap the person who will become the mummy with the toilet papers and the team who will finish it first will be the winner.
Games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Dress up the Birthday Balloon , Birthday Bears, Find the Differences, Balloon Pop up are some of the most hilarious games adored by kids on their Birthdays.
Birthday Games should be very lively and attention-grabbing and it should be organized in such a way that the Birthday boy or the Birthday girl memorizes it forever. Birthday games should always go with the theme of the party and most importantly should be of the kid’s choice.


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