A Garden Birthday Party For Kids

You can begin with an invitation card in the shape of a leaf or flower or even a butterfly with the details behind. Decorate the garden with flowers and butterflies made of crepe paper. Play ring the stick by putting a few sticks in the garden and giving the children some rings to ring the stick with. You can even buy a packet of plastic butterflies and hide them around the house or garden. Send them to find the butterflies.
As for the cake, bake it in the shape of a butterfly or a flower. Boys might prefer a bug shaped cake, like a caterpillar or a beetle. Serve flower shaped sandwiches, butterfly cookies, fruit tarts and fruits arranged to look like flowers.

A 'Sweet N Spicy' Wish...
For your daughter/ granddaughter/ niece/ li'l sis.

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Happy Bow-Wow To U !
Doggone cute wish for your kid/ grandkid/ near ones.

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