Birthday Gifts For Women: Cool Fashion Trends 2007

Is your wife's birthday coming up soon? Must be wondering what gift to buy for her. Check out 2007's fashion trends to know whats in and whats hot:

1. Layering-skinny leggings tights, and sheer over opague tops; can also be achieved by
belts, beads, or extra jewelry. Hats return, especially visor and Oliver Twist-style schoolboy caps. Watch out for big knitted rib beanie-brimmed hats.

2. Volume or Oversized-Big sleeves, Balenciaga sleeves, wide-set big collars, fuller
balloon and shorter, fuller, bell sleeves, wider pants, swing-backs on little jackets. Bubble dresses are very "in".

3. Opulence-Fur trims, Furs (real and fake), baroque brocade, gold metallics, rich fabrics, lavish surface stitching, Napoleonic and costume drama stylings. Red and purple are the hot colors here.

4. Dresses-They're back! Short dresses, long tunics, and waist-cinched frocks are "in".

5. The Menswear Look-Lean suits with lean narrower trousers, masculine tailoring, wider slounchy trousers and a slim jacket.

6. The Color Gray-All shades and tones; this shade's used as a monochromatic color scheme.

7. Understated-Tailored smart suits, trouser suits, the "class" or "high society" look. Hot colors here are gray and golden camel. A "must have" item are elbow-length leather gloves or gauntlet gloves (for three-quarter length sleeves). The key word here is "understated"; no obvious flashing of wealth.

8. Military-Napoleonic-styled jackets, greatcoats, and coats with high-stand collars (lots of buttons).

9. Urban Warrior-Street styles; Gray and other soft somber shades will be the hot colors. Fur-trimmed, luxury parkas and feather-weight down jackets will be a hot seller. Biker jackets and body-conscious dresses will also be popular.

10. Country-Not cowboy boots and western wear, but rather "out on the country estate" or "foreign village" look. Craftsmen knits, mini-shrugs, and elongated cardigans in luxury yarns will be "in". Cables and Austrian-style knitwear, mixed with fabrics and furs, will also cross over to accessories through hats to bags. Textured knits, tailored tartan tweeds, and the equestrian
(horse rider) look will also be hot. Black and white, charcoal/cream/gray mixes, and the color purple will be IT.

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