Birthday Candles

A long burning candle with the birthday person’s name embedded in it not only brings a rain of joy and glory to the honored person’s heart but also creates a mesmerizing ambiance.
Birthday Candles give a feeling of entirety to the birthday party. It not only adds a magical radiance but also embellishes the special cake.

Greeks use to light candles on the birthday cake and take it to Artemis. The candles were supposed to make the cake appear as glowing as the full moon. The Germans are quite well-known for their candle making skills. Some German families put one large candle on the birthday and this symbolizes “light of fire”.

It is believed as well as performed in many countries that the smoke coming out from the candles after being blown out takes the desired wish of the birthday person to heaven. With this conviction in heart, the birthday boy or the birthday girl makes a wish and then wafts out the candles. If all the candles could be blown out with one breath then the wish is thought to come true.

Birthday Candles can be of many kinds. Some of the most frequently used ones are Age candles, Party candles and Character Birthday candles. Party Candles candles can also be personalized by engraving the honored person’s name on it accompanied by a little wish. Character birthday candles are the kids’ favorite. Purchase some candles of your kid’s favorite play characters and decorate the center table or the corners of the room with it. You will see how the room gleams with the sparkling candles. The Musical Birthday candle is ideal to craft that unique birthday cake very remarkable. It comes in the form of a closed flower where the center of the flower is lighted with a special match given along with it and as each petal opens, the Happy Birthday tune is played. Floating and scented candles are very much in craze and are also very chic.

People usually prefer drip less candles so that it does not spoil the icing of the superbly decorated birthday cake Keeping this in mind, most companies manufacture the candles in that mode. Finding a birthday candle that is right for you is easy. Whether it is that sweet sixteen , 18th , 21st or 80th there is a birthday candle that will add life and joy to any birthday party.


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