Birthday Toys for Kids

Be it a birthday or any other special occasion, a toy is a tempting gift for all kids. Its cute watching a child role playing her mother or teacher whilst cuddling a doll or teddy bear like a baby. The toys are their comapanions in every game they play and any place they stay. The mesmerised expression on their faces when they enter a huge toy shop like Toys R Us makes any parent's heart melt with love and joy. Want to know which toys are on your child's hot list? Here it goes:

Air Blaster - A gun that shoots powerful 'ball of air' up to 20 feet and won't hurt at all. It is good for young kids who love to play 'policemen' and you can be sure that they won't get hurt.

Battery Operated Christmas Toys - Dolls that dance and giggle, pigs and dogs in bright colors that wiggle their tales and snort or bark, what more can a kid want?

Bobble Head Doll - The best thing about these dolls is that they can be personalized easily. All you have to do is insert your child's photo inside the bobble.

Flying Disk - A flying disk that can be inflated with helium or air is always fun and a great Christmas toy for those kids who love outdoor games.

Puzzle Track Cars Set - These car sets have track pieces that can be assembled in various configurations and keep kids busy for hours. They figure out how to join these track pieces together to run their cars and enjoy the challenge of thinking of a new way to rearrange these pieces.

Elmo TMX- Mattel's much-loved Elmo has been given a makeover. This doll features on every child's wish list. So why not fulfill that impending wish of theirs?

Interactive Clubhouse Playset- The kids can settle down with Mickey and his friends to play in their clubhouse kitchen and computer room and learn lots of fun things.

Hasbro Baby Alive Doll – Perfect little toy which "eats" and "poops" just like a real baby! She's ready to play, laugh and talk, and you'll love taking care of her.

Radio Flyer Classic Rock and Bounce Pony - Even the littlest riders can dream of their big race on this quite rocking and bouncy pony with no pinch joints. Patented rubber bounce suspension provides a safe ride.

Curious George Ticke and Giggle Doll - This 14" plush Curious George has a secret tickle spot - and George will laugh himself silly once you find it.


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