Birthday Gifts For Mom

A collection of gifts for those special moms we cannot thank enough for bringing us into this beautiful world.

Cabernet Grape Bonsai Tree - Truth, goodness, and beauty are considered to be the three basic virtues necessary for the creation of a bonsai. Your mom has shown these virtues many times over in her role as a homemaker. This little plant reflects your admiration for her undying efforts.

Candles and candle Holders- Relaxing and soothing for the mind and the spirit.
Heated Massage Mat with Neck Therapy– Its warm massaaging action releases all the tension in her muscles relieving stress.

Philips Keychain Digital Camera - For all gadget lover moms. But hey, nothing can be more enjoyable than clicking away pictures of your loved ones and keeping them beautifully laid out in an album for constant viewing and reminiscing.

Another great idea is arranging for a three day cruise with best friend or dad. After all, mom deserves a few days off for fun and relaxation.

Or plan a romantic picnic for your parents. Pack up a backpack full of cheeses, bread, wine and water and send along a map to a special place, maybe where they met for the the first time.

Pearl or Diamond Earrings- To enhance her beauty and keep her cheeks glowing.

Spa gift basket- For her to relax and have fun.

Handmade, Personalized Photo Quilts - I bought one of these for my mom last year. It was an intensely emotional moment for both of us.

So Thankful For You, Mom !
Make your mom feel extra-special on her Birthday.

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Always Close To My Heart...Sparkle her special day with this warm heartfelt message

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