Valentine's Day Birthday Decorations

Wondering how to spice up your house turning it into a romantic hide out for you and your partner whose birthday falls on the same day? Here are a few tips that might be helpful:

  • Add a Bow to a Stuffed Animal

  • Tie Red Ribbons on a Chandelier or Ceiling Fixure
    I keep my red Christmas bows handy and get them out again for Valentine’s Day. I tie a bow on each arm of the chandelier and leave them there for a few days.

  • Tape a Red Ribbon on the Computer Monitor
    A simple red bow taped onto the frame of the computer monitor is a reminder all day long that someone loves (or admires) you! Try it out!

  • String a Valentine Garland Over a Chair
    Adapt a wedding touch and tie a garland over the back of a chair where your special someone will sit. Attach small heart-shaped ornaments to the ribbon and swag it on the chair.

  • Put a Small Vase of Flowers on the Bathroom Counter
    A simple trip to the market will provide flowers. But go early, as Valentine’s Day is the most popular day to send or give flowers. Choose a small vase or pretty footed glass and arrange a few stems with greenery. Place the arrangement on the bathroom counter or a bedside table so it won’t be missed.

  • Perk Up a Plant
    Tie a balloon, bow, or heart to a stick or straw and push it into the dirt of a plant. This little touch makes every plant a Valentine gift.

  • Stuff a Fluffy Red Pillow
    Trace the pattern of a big heart on a piece of newspaper or cardboard and cut out the fabric. Sew a pillow from the pattern using soft velvet, fluffy fleece, or sleek satin. Place the pillow on a bedroom chair in the morning or on the bed at night. Instant romance!

  • Don’t Forget the Candles!
    Nothing creates a special ambience like candles. Put them everywhere! Like on the dining room table, a bedside table, on the bathroom counter, along the edge of the bathtub. They serve to perk up any birthday celebration and add a touch of warmth on Valentine's day as well.

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