Birthday Flowers

Flowers make beautiful and meaningful table decorations at a birthday party or even lovely gifts.
January: Carnations symbolize pride and beauty.In a birthday flower arrangement, try two dozen white carnations in a blue vase with a blue balloon bouquet attached.
February: Iris, a large, beautiful but delicate purple flower. Arrange six violet irises cut at slightly different lengths tied with a white bow.
March: For a beautiful birthday flower arrangement in March, try a bouquet of daffodils wrapped in green paper with a big green bow.
April: Arrange a single daisy in a slender bud vase, tied with a thin, pale pink ribbon.
May: Fill a wicker basket with lily of the valley, scented candles, and a white bow. It will serve as a lovely birthday flower arrangement or gift.
June: A symbol of love and passion, the red rose makes a beautiful birthday gift for the special someone in your life. For a June birthday gift, consider a single, long-stemmed red rose, or red candied roses atop a vanilla butter cream birthday cake.
July: Set up a painted picture of a water lily containing a bouquet of soft pink flowers inside a coffee mug to suffice for a beautiful birthday flower arrangement.
August: Poppies are whimsical flowers, available in a variety of colors. For an August birthday, a bouquet of poppies wrapped in a yellow bow is not a bad idea at all.
September: An aster bouquet with a variety of other flowers mixed in, all in a funky, unique purple vase makes an unusual but pretty birthday gift.
October: Consider giving someone a fall arrangement of blossoming orange calendulas mixed with a few accent blooms of red, in a rustic brown vase.
November: For a November birthday, try an arrangement of chrysanthemums and greenery in a pale yellow vase.
December: The flower color signifying the month of December is white, and the flowers are holly and the daffodil. A small, golden holly pendant necklace with a ruby center, wrapped in white paper is an excellent December birthday gift idea.


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